Magical Mishaps by Min Z., 605

Leah waved her hands in the air. “Bingo, Bang, Bang, Bam,”She chanted. A small, puffy cloud appeared. “Weak magic,”Leah said glumly. Leah kicked the bucket next to her desk. “Bash, Mash, Smash this bucket!” The bucket crumpled into metal crumpled paper. “Oh. It worked,”Leah mumbled.

    Leah knew that her mom didn’t allow her to do magic and her sister didn’t even know that she could do magic! Leah’s magic wasn’t a bunch of magic tricks. It was the type of magic that could hurt or save people. Leah was always scared of her powers, but she used them to her best advantage. Leah looked at her sweaty palms.

    “Good. They aren’t tomato red, like last time,”Leah mumbled to herself. Her mother stared suspiciously at Leah. Leah blushed and tried to act normal. “Biscuit-Boo, Coo, Coo, BOO!” The dog biscuit box flew over to her. She poured some biscuits into her dog’s bowl. “Pal! Wake up and eat!” Leah grinned at Pal. Her mom glared at Leah.

    “Mom! I’m going to Main Street to get groceries for you,”Leah yelled. Her mom nodded. Leah took $20, a knapsack and went on her way. Leah stopped at an apple stand and purchased three apples. One for herself, one for her sister, and one for her mother. Leah realized that she was only at Hiker Boulevard. Leah rushed to Main Street. Leah admired the grand stores and the busy streets. Leah looked at the money with a smirk on her face. Leah started running from store to store. Leah was splurging a lot. Leah bought fancy dresses and new shoes. A few minutes later, Leah was holding plenty of bags, but she had no money left.

    “Oh no! I spent all my money,”Leah exclaimed. Leah asked the store clerks if she could have refund for the dresses. All the clerks refused to give her a refund. All of a sudden, Leah’s face lit up. Leah dropped all her bags and started chanting a spell. “Lots o’ money, Give me some money, Make me rich, So I don’t end up in a ditch.” Before Leah’s eyes, $200 dollars appeared. Leah screamed happily. Nobody owned $200! “200! 200! Such a grand number!” Leah cheered.

    Leah bought so much food. Leah even bought a lemon-cherry-pineapple angel food cake for $20. Leah bought a 20 pack of red velvet cupcakes that were extra luxury for $100. Leah thought carefully about the money that she had left over. She went to the supermarket and bought many groceries for $70. Leah spent the rest of the money on a mini-dress for her mother.

    Leah trotted home and gave everything to her mother. Leah smiled proudly, thinking that her mother would be happy with everything that she bought. “Magic,”Leah’s mother whispered. “Quick! Eat everything! Fast!” Leah and her sister nodded. They ate everything as fast as they could. Their mom explained why. “After you use magic, everything disappears 4 hours later.” Leah ran upstairs to find that the metal bucket had returned to normal. Leah certainly had her fill. Leah laid down in her bed and fell asleep. Leah knew what her future was going to be.


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