From Me to You by Min Z., 605

Hailey laughed at the newest Annie Leblanc video. Hailey yelled,”Annie Leblanc trying to rap? That’s insane!” Her brother Gideon yelled,”Hailey! Shut the windows already!” “Sorry,”Hailey replied.

    Hailey rolled her eyes toward the wall next to Gideon’s room. Gideon was Hailey’s annoying older brother. Hailey trotted downstairs to get some apple juice. As soon as she opened the fridge, Hailey saw that all her apple juice was replaced with beer and wine. “HUH?!” Hailey’s jaw dropped. Hailey picked up a bottle of beer and read the label. “Bud Light. Share a bud with your love.”

    Hailey stormed upstairs with the bottle of beer in her hand. She entered Gideon’s room. “Gideon. Leave my apple juice alone,” Hailey yelled. Gideon raised his hairy arms up in the air. “Guilty as charged,” he replied. Hailey punched Gideon on the arm. “I HATE YOU!!!” Hailey howled in frustration.

    Hailey stomped back to her room. As soon as Hailey flopped onto her bed, she started crying. In the other room, Gideon was drinking the bottle of wine that Hailey brought up.

    Gideon stopped drinking and strolled casually over to Hailey’s room. “Hey Hailey. Came o’er here to say sorry,” Gideon said casually. “It’s a trick. A trick! I don’t care anymore. Get out of my room,” Hailey said between tears. “Get out and drink as much wine and beer as you want.” “I’m truly sorry Hailey. Come o’er here and give your big bro a hug,” Gideon whispered.

    Hailey moved a little bit closer to Gideon. “Really, Gideon?” “Of course, Hailey. It’s from me to you,” Gideon said in a soft voice. Hailey wrapped her arms around Gideon. Gideon wrapped his arms around Hailey. They hugged each other tightly.

From me to you.

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