The Monstrous Night Min Z., 605

 Through twists and turns and winding paths, monsters roam every corner. The crows sit silently…without a peep. The eerily-lit street seems empty. Images ran through my head as each monster passed by. My sweaty palm grasped the edge of my orange bucket as each gory monster passed by. I stood out in the rather bleak crowd. Little ghouls and vampires swept through the streets while I cowered in fear. My legs were as wobbly as a thin toothpick. Every house was covered in cobwebs and black clouds. Oh, what a frightful sight!

    I could think of nothing more than the word help. The gore before my eyes frightened me so. My bucket was as empty as a deep, dark pit. Before my eyes, there were candy wrappers strewn all over the floor. A creepy night…what a fright!

    Every other monster except for me was howling with laughter and joy. I caught little glimpses of orange, but that was the color besides black on the creepy street. I wished that I was a dark reaper for Halloween. People of all ages glared at me. I wanted to sink into a pit…a pit that will take away my last breath.

    Help….help… Where was home?  The very sight of a monster almost scared me off. I let out werewolf-like howl of sadness. The crows were no longer sitting in silence…they were shrieking angrily at me. What did I even do? I strolled through the now-empty street with my empty bucket in my hand. The street and the bucket weren’t the only things empty. My heart was also empty. Help.

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