The Panacea by Min Z., 605


Leah knew how much trouble magic could get her in. The $200 incident seemed fun, but it wasn’t. Leah stared glumly at her mixing cauldron. Oh, how she missed using it. Leah’s frown suddenly turned upside-down. She smiled with glee as she ran over to her mixing cauldron. Her grin faded when she heard someone sneezing.

    Leah entered her sister’s chamber. Her sister, Lily, had red dots on her face, a purple-ish throat, and a blue-ish face. “Lily! What happened to your face?” Leah asked. Lily shook her head as if she didn’t know how. “Be right back,” Leah muttered. Leah snatched her spellbook as she ran into her room. Leah flipped through it frantically.

    She put her index finger on a page titled “The Cure-All.” “That’ll be perfect for Lily!” Leah exclaimed.

Do you need a cure-all? Has your nose started sniffling? Does a fellow peer have a cold? Then this is the spell for you!


-2 pinches of Wump-Wump Sugar

-3 handfuls of jelly beans

-1 small scoop of corn flakes

To finish it off, pull off a hair of the one you wish to revive.

Stir well. Pour it into a glass and give it to the victim to drink. If they say that it tastes horrendous, know that it won’t work. If they say delicious, they will heal in about 2 days.

    Leah ran downstairs to the kitchen. She found a bag of Wump-Wump Sugar in one of the kitchen cabinets. She couldn’t find jelly beans, so she used rainbow corn flakes and regular corn flakes. Leah ran back to her room and ran to Lily’s room.

    “Hi Lily! Can I touch you?” Lily nodded in a awkward way. Leah assumed that she said yes and yanked one of her hairs off. She winced, but I was already out the door by then.

    Leah dropped all my ingredients into my mixing cauldron. Leah took a small wooden stirrer and mixed gently. A small rainbow cloud levitated itself just above the cauldron. The small cloud threw itself back into the cauldron. She looked into the cauldron. There was a pale colored liquid that was somewhat shiny.

    Leah scooped some of it into a glass and rushed over to Lily’s room. “Lily! I made a drink for you. It called…um…Pretty Rainbow Liquid,” Leah yelled. Lily looked thirsty, so I dumped the entire contents of the cup into her mouth. Lily looked weird for a second and then everything on her face and neck disappeared. “Wow. I feel better!” Lily exclaimed. “This is a one-of-a-kind panacea!”

    “I just feel proud to be part of your cure,” Leah whispered. “Wait, what? Part of the cure? Did you make this? You little witch,” Lily replied. Leah smiled and winked. “That’s all I can do for now, but you’ll see what I can do later.

To Be Continued…

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