A Grave Curse by Trinnity Y., 810 & Wilson W.,811

Sighing, I wiped off the snow of the park bench and sat down. It was a long day, and I had just finished burying Navi, the most recent friend I made, by the Letter Cemetery. I think I should stop making friends. Everyone who I talk to or befriend, they end up dead a few days later and I have to bury them. It’s a curse and I don’t know why it is like it is, but it is.
Opening my Chinese food take out, a figure had sat down next to me. “Hey, so, what brings you here at 11pm?” The person said in a high, smooth voice. “Umm,” I replied “I don’t know. I guess I like hanging out here all alone maybe since all my friends are dead.” The person was covered in a hat, a large scarf, and a brown leather jacket that was way too big for them.
“Wait easy there, slow down. Did you just say all your friends are dead? Did you have like one or two?”
“No, sadly, you should stop talking to me or else you’ll die as well. There’s like a curse. You can think I’m a lunatic or whatever.”
“I’ll take the chance, I mean, it’s just a coincidence right?”
“Well, what’s the probability that- uh- whatever nevermind.”
I breathed out, the breath visible from the cold winter weather. Looking up, there were flakes of snow slowly falling to the ground.
“Soo, have you ever went to an amusement park or did anything fun, if all of your friends are dead?” The man questioned, in a slightly amused tone.
“No, I usually try to distance myself from them but they still die somehow.” I sighed, resting my head on my arms. I couldn’t believe this conversation I was having.
“Well, why don’t we go to the amusement park tomorrow, you know, just for you.” he responded.
“I don’t even know your name, like, am I supposed to trust you? It’s not suspicious trusting a stranger to go to an amusement park.” I muttered.
“Well, if anyone who you befriend end up dead a few days later, then we should spend a week doing fun things! Like, amusement parks, maybe a trip to Florida you know. Which probably won’t happen. Plus, the names Kalion,” he said, taking off his hat and scarf, revealing his bald head and skinny, pale features of his face.
“Yea, I have Leukemia. I’m not supposed to be outside but, I have about two days to live. I might as well make those two days worth it.” He whispered, looking at the snow falling down.
“So, are you willing to accept the offer?” Kalion asked.
“Yea, if you really want it, yeah. Oh, and my name is also Ranie.” I answered.
“Ah, the pity always works.” Kalion muttered. “Meet up, tomorrow, right here? Like, around 7?”
“Yea, that’ll work. Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.
“Yep, I’m sure. I don’t want to spend the rest of my 14 year old life in a hospital bed.” Kalion answered, getting up from the bench and wiping the snow off his jacket. “I’ll take my leave now.”
“Bye.” I said as I waved back at Kalion. I just realized I made plans with a 14-year old that has cancer. I’m 15 and an orphan! Getting up from the bench, I threw out my take out and walked home in the darkness of the night.

“Hey!” Kalion shouted from across the park. “Hi. Good morning to you, Kalion.” I said, walking towards him. “Ready for some fast-paced action?” He hollered. “Definitely.” I bellowed back. We then walked towards the nearest subway station, on our way to Ayater Amusement Park.
“This one! This one!” Kalion pointed to The Space Twirl, which was one of the scariest roller coasters that Ayater had. “Noo, it’s scary! It’s so high!” I whined. “You’re no fun Ranie, you have to face the fear and bite it!” Kalion exclaimed, grabbing my shirt and pulling me with him as he made his way towards The Space Twirl.
I was shaking and my hands were so cold. “I’m not ready to go on this, let’s just leave Kalion I can’t do this.” I muttered, rubbing my hands together. “Nah, we’re already in the front of the line. It’ll be a waste of the 30 minute wait you know. Hey! Look! It’s our turn now!” Kalion said, with a grin ear to ear and pulled me with him towards the boarding area.
“That – was- I can’t even. I am never going on that thing again.” I panted. We just got off the rollercoaster and I was a mess. It had loops, falls, 90 degree turns, that thing was terrifying. “Ahahaa, that was really, fun! Although I do feel a bit dizzy.” Kalion said, walking to a nearby bench and sitting down.
After about a minute or two he said he had to go to the bathroom and returned with a tinge of green to his pale skin. “Did something happen?” I asked, worry filling up every part of my body. “No, it’s nothing. It’s just that the bathrooms are really dirty yea.” Kalion shook his head. We headed home after that.
It was 6am in the morning and I was supposed to meet Kalion at Wagoner Street at 7 since he wanted to see a certain show on broadway. The tickets were expensive but, hey it was worth it.
“So, what show are we seeing?” I asked Kalion, who wanted it to be a surprise. “Hmm, Dear Evan Hansen! My friend Cynthia keeps on telling me how good it is.” He replied, with a smile. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” I hollered, talking Kalion and rushed into the theater.
“That was so good! It was like, really addicting!” Kalion exclaimed. “Yea, it was great,’’ I agreed. We were walking to the park after the show. “Hey, if I just like, suddenly die right now, don’t blame it on yourself. It was my choice after all.” Kalion whispered. “I won’t promise that.” I muttered, with the horror of the realization that Kalion had a really high chance of dying this moment.
“Well, time to say good bye! I’ll see you tomorrow, you know, hopefully.” Kalion said, starting to walk away. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and slowly left footprints on the snow coated ground.
Around 5 minutes later, I decided to go home, I mean, it was late. I was probably going to get a lecture from the Miss. As I exited the park, I saw that Kalion’s footprints had come to an end. It wasn’t pass the exit. Heart racing, I ran towards the trail of footsteps, frantically looking around for Kalion.
Tree, tree, tree, lamp post, bench. I kept searching until I saw a mysterious shape next to the lamp post. I ran towards it and shock filled my body. It was Kalion. With his patterned hat and a coat that was way too big. He wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t moving. He was dead.
This 14 year old who had made my life a bit better, was dead.

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