Just a Simple Cruise Ship, Trinnity Y. 810

Thunk. I suddenly woke up, looking at the unfamiliar surrounding and trying to figure out where I was. Oh wait, I was on a cruise. Oops.
“Mom, did you hear that?” I asked, nudging my Mom who was next to me. “Yes, honey? I think it’s a bit early in the morning to get ice cream.” She whispered with her eyes closed. “No, there was a loud noise somewhere on the ship.” I said, panic rising in my throat. “It was probably our luggage moving around. You know, ocean currents and all that jazz.” Mom replied, rolling to her right and fell back to sleep.
Sighing, I looked around in our small cabin. The luggage hadn’t moved an inch. It was exactly where we left it. I decided it was probably the wind against the thin walls and went back to sleep.
“Ukali, wake up!” Mom yelled, shoving me almost off the bed. “What?” I groaned. “Look! Water!” She said, pointing to the cabin floor which had about 2 inches of water covered on it. “So what?” I replied, still tired from my sleep. “It’s a flood! Quick! Put on your life jacket!” She shouted. Realizing the current situation I was in, I ran past Mom, barefoot against the cold water, and tried to open the door.
“I can’t open the door!” I shrieked. “Just put on your life suit first Ukali!” Mom yelled, rushing towards me. I tugged and tried to pry open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I stepped back, and pulled again with all my might.
Spoosh. Water from the hallway crashed down on me and I was swept under, being carried throughout the hallway. “Ukali! Ukali!” Mom’s muffled shouts came through the water, she was unable to catch me.
I closed my eyes and hoped for the best, arms out, trying to catch something that could pull me up. Clang. I felt a sharp pain against my arm and realized that it was the metal piece on the borders of the boat. Gasping, I reached for the top of the metal piece and pulled myself up. Taking deep breaths, I turned around and saw the chaos around me. Parents holding on to their children desperately, staff rushing people onto as many lifeboats they can. One thing they had in common was that they all had their bright, orange life jacket on. I didn’t. As the water rose, I screamed, “Help! Help!” and started sobbing. I was too far from the other people and I didn’t have anything noticeable on me. An unsuspecting wave crashed onto me and I let go of the railing.
I was falling. Falling and splash. I hit water. I must be in the ocean, looks like I went over the railing.
Taking a deep breath, I sighed. Wait, I was under water. What? Heart pounding, I touched my face and felt rough scales on my cheeks. I swam upwards and felt a burning sensation on my legs. Looking down, I saw that I had a mermaid’s tail. What? With blue green scales and fins on the end, I couldn’t believe myself. I must be dreaming. Right?
I swam upwards and once I reached the sun, a sharp pain blasted through my arm. Quickly withdrawing my arm from outside the water, red blood droplets from my blood mixed with the cold, brutal ocean water. I, can’t be some sort of mermaid can I? Doesn’t that defy science somehow? Unable to comprehend what was happening, my vision had black and gray dots that swam around and everything, went black.

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