Spacy By: Wilson W. 811 Trinnity Y. 810

‘Take a turn to the right.’ The GPS (global positioning system) rang through the empty halls of Artemis XII.

The tired captain sighed and turned the steering wheel to the right, not knowing that it was the wrong direction, heading right towards a sun.

“Wait. captain?” The small cadet’s voice whispered. “Huh?” The captain sighed. “According to the map, you’re heading towards a red hypergiant star and not Planet Olufsen.” The cadet replied, swiping the hologram map towards the captain. “It might be a glitch or a bug. This kind of mistake on the map has happened before, Sam.” The captain stated, leaning back onto his chair. “W-what about the GPS? Can’t the direction be wrong?” Sam stuttered. “I don’t know. Maybe. But never in the 10 years I have driven this ship, the GPS was wrong.” The captain muttered a bunch of curses, playing virtual 8-ball. “I MISSED THE EASIEST SHOT IN THE WORLD!”

Five minutes passed and Sam was nervously glancing at the captain, realizing that the captain would frequently take a sip from the suspicious looking bottle on his desk. Sam knew the GPS was wrong and that the ship would soon crash, but the captain didn’t believe him.

“Uh, Captain?” Sam asked, as Captain turned around and replied with a tired, “What!” “I refreshed the map like 100 hundred times. And the path we’re heading on would lead us to a death star!” Sam said, with panic rising in his voice. “Really Sam? Why would you think that? I have much more experience than you do.” The Captain sassily replied.

“Then what’s that?!” Sam shrieked, lunging for the steering wheel, turning them to the left, nearly missing the death star. “Sam, there’s nothing there. This is why you shouldn’t become a captain someday. You keep hallucinating. I’m going to take my break now. Timmy will take over for the next couple of hours, Captain said as he groggily got up from his chair, turned on auto-pilot, and dragged himself towards the recreation area. Sam, like the good cadet he walked over to the captain’s seat and took the captain’s bottle. The bottle reeked of alcohol and in that exact moment, Timmy walked in and yelled, “Sam what are you doing?” Sam flinched and dropped the bottle, spilling beer all over the chair. “Um, I think that the Captain has been drinking..” Sam muttered. “Wat?” Timmy asked as he walked over towards Sam. He look at the liquid and said, “Yep that’s space beer alright. You’re not supposed to drink that when it’s your shift driving. It makes you hallucinate.” Timmy stated, getting napkins from a drawer and cleaning up the mess. “Well, you should tell that to Captain.” Sam uttered. “So, I’ve heard from Captain that you controlled the steering wheel and changed the direction to left?” Timmy laughed, putting a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Do you want to fly this ship?”


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