A Story About Plot Armor by Ivan W., 807 & Trinnity Y., 810

Gasping, I sat up from my bed. I don’t know what woke me up. Rubbing my eyes, I went to grab my phone from my bed table, not knowing that my hand would go through my phone. What? I tried to grab it again, but my hand still went through the phone. Shocked, I stood up and walked around my room, passing through all the furniture in it. Am I a ghost or something? I tried to turn my doorknob and my hand just passed through the door. So, like the smart human being I am, I thought I couldn’t get through the door and tried to lean on the door, passing through it. Scholar.

Falling through the floor, I’m pretty sure I died. I fell for a really long time and felt a blast of heat, and then everything went dark.  However because I know this is a book and I’m the main character, I have plot armor. What does that mean? Basically there’s no way I can die. It’s quite sad as most of my friends will die but I cannot die. Plot armor is the strongest armor in any story. Plot armor will save you even if you have the best and strongest gear.

Wait… I actually felt the pain that creeped onto my spine. Plot armor, hello are you dead? Oh no… did I jinx myself? Yikes, I don’t know what to do. Am I alive or am I not? Is plot armor alive or is it not?

Sighing, Percy closed the book and sat back onto the couch. He couldn’t write an essay about this. There’s literally no plot except plot armor.


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