Plastic Tarps by Wilson W., 811 & Trinnity Y., 810

I used to remember where I could go anywhere in the city. All I had to do was to take a

subway and boom,  I was where I wanted to be. But I never expected to be stuck

on this island.

I don’t know how I got here. I must’ve hit my head. Maybe a cruise? Maybe a dream? I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I had a plastic tarp and that I’m stuck on this island. Drawing another tally mark on this island. With no shelter. With no help. With no people. How am I still alive? Well, on the sand, I sighed as I counted the tally marks, again. Eight days. Eight – whole days stuck. See, my science teacher taught me how to survive on a stranded island, with a handy plastic tarp. What a coincidence that I happen to have a plastic tarp with me!

In three easy steps, I made water to survive on. Using a coconut shell as a cup, I scooped up sea water from the ocean and dug a ditch, with sea water on the sides.  I placed the coconut shell into the middle of the ditch and covered it with my trusty plastic tarp. After about 6 hours, I think, the water was purified and I now had fresh water, safe to drink!

I spend my time doing nothing. Staring at the sky with my back against the warm sand. What I never expected was to have a monstrous creature to appear besides me, peeling bananas and trying to make small talk.

“So, the weather’s pretty good today, huh?” The creature commented, still peeling the banana. I ignored him and thought I must be hallucinating. Being stranded on an island would take a toll on one’s mind.

“Uhh, so, what did you do today?” The creature continued, turning to look at me. I decided that I couldn’t bear the awkwardness any longer and replied, “I’m stranded on an island! What do you think I did?”

“Oh, yea. I feel a strange vibe from this island. I feel like somethings going to happen. Something big.” The creature whispered, looking at the sky. The sky was bright, clear and blue. I’m probably hallucinating and ignored the creature. I went back to my makeshift hut and decided to nap to pass the time. There’s nothing  to do on a stranded island.

“Wake up! Wake up!” I sighed and turned over, rubbing my eyes as they slowly adjusted to the change in light. Wait. Something is different. My hut, well, wasn’t a hut anymore. It was now a stack of sticks twirling in the wind, with rain pouring everywhere.

“What happened? Am I hallucinating again?” I whispered, placing a weary hand on my forehead. “No, no you’re not. My instincts were correct and that something big did happen. A hurricane seems to hit us.” The creature muttered, pulling me up and dragging me on top of a hill. “Get off me! All of this isn’t real!” I shrieked, running away from the creature. I ran as fast as I could, occasionally checking my back whether I was being followed or not. Little did I know, I tripped over a rock (yes, how amazing) and tum 4 led down the slope.

Splash. I was doused with cold salt water. I thrashed my arms, trying to get to the surface of the water. Breaching through the surface, I gasped and was swept under, light fading beneath the waves. I couldn’t get up no longer. I closed my eyes and let gravity decide my fate.

Gasping, I woke from my bed. It must’ve been a dream. Sighing in relief, I rolled over on my side and was met with the monster, smiling creepily with his freaky yellow teeth.

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