A Star In The Making: Zhavia, By Hope C. 702

The moment Zhavia stepped out on stage she was a force to be reckoned with. At 16 years old she was performing on a massive stage at Fox Studios. Not only was she performing in front of an enormous audience but a panel of industry experts. On this panel is Charlie Walk, DJ Khaled, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Grammy award-winning singersongwriter Meghan Trainor. Her first performance of the song “Location” by Khalid had blown away the judges right off the bat. It was no surprise that she earned a
seat on The Four. Everything from her style to her unique voice had proved she was destined to become a star. Not to mention, she was the youngest contestant to compete and was first to earn a seat. Super Producer DJ Khaled had even said, “You look, move like, and sound like a young icon.” DJ Khaled wasn’t the only one fond of Zhavia but Charlie Walk had too. He had implied that he was listening to the future here tonight.

Zhavia is from Los Angeles, California and is an R&B singer. Her parents had divorced
when she was younger and this resulted in moving around a lot. However, this did not stop Zhavia from pursuing her dreams. She persevered through the tough times by writing song lyrics and needless to say, she’s a warrior. She has two beautiful sisters, a brother and an incredibly supportive mom. Zhavia’s goal is to one day buy her mom a house. Her mom has always been there for her and aided her along her music career. Her love for her family, just goes to show how
humble and compassionate she is. She is truly a special artist.

Zhavia has gain a large following ever since her appearance on The Four. Her Instagram
followers have increased from 1,700 to over a million. It’s no surprise that so many people are fans of this stunning singer. Fans have been showing unconditional love for Zhavia and she deserves every bit of it. Unlike other artists, Zhavia ultimately knows her identity and puts her own twist on every song she sings. She has overcome almost every obstacle along her way and even managed to pull through when she was put on vocal rest. She is unquestionably unstoppable.

Writer’s Point of View

Ever since watching Zhavia perform, I was utterly shocked. Her voice is so different
and powerful. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Her originality, uniqueness,
and positivity separates her from any ordinary singer. She continues to inspire other
artists with her remarkable personality and love for music. She is so dedicated and
devoted to her craft. Zhavia is so genuine and puts her all into the songs she sings. Her
confidence on stage almost makes you feel like you’re there watching. I strongly believe
there is a bright future for this young icon and couldn’t be happier to support her
along the way. It’s an honor to be writing for such an incredible person like Zhavia.

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