My Asymptote by Leo L., 801

My fair, sweet asymptote,
Why do you run away from me?
Even when I am so close,
You always seem to be out of reach.
So dash-ing and x-travagant,
I am Dexter to you, my Judy Jones.
Even when I know I can’t have you,
I stupidly continue fighting.
My love increases for you exponentially,
And I undergo so many transformations for you.
Fluctuations in my body and my heart,
Shrinking and stretching, my reflection seems worn out.
Yet, you seem unswayed and untempted.
You fool me with your smile,
And I translate it to mean that you want me too.
But my attempts are always intercepted.
I’m tied down by these chains,
And yet I’ll always love you,
Even when you’re no longer young and beautiful.

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