Mural Painting, Zihan W., Chloe W., Kyle C.

If you didn’t already know, there is a mural painting class in NIA that is very fun. In the class, you get to draw on the walls and then paint it. The theme of the mural paintings is what goes on in the auditorium, so when you look at the paintings, you can feel like you are already in there. There are pictures of dancers, microphones, music notes, and instruments! For example, the music notes represent the band and chorus classes in the school. Since this session of mural painting just started, everyone is doing the sketch on the wall first. So when they paint, they don’t make mistakes while painting. Here are some sketches on the wall that are currently in progress.

As you may already know, there a Mural Painting Class in NIA. They are currently working on a mural in front, of both of the main entrances of the Auditorium.

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