The Ballet Thief by Min Z., 705

I carefully tiptoed onto the windowsill without much fear. I carefully pirouetted onto the next building’s roof. I always had a good laugh when I saw the news articles on the Ballet Thief. People would say that they saw a person doing ballet over rooftops and slipping in through open windows, but there was no proof that it was in any way related to the robberies over the last year. Besides, not many people could recognize me with a tutu and a pink mask, not even my closest relatives!

    I slipped into an open window. I nearly gagged when I saw a pet tarantula sitting on a smooth and sleek mahogany desk. I oohed and aahed at it. It would be the perfect new homework desk! I yanked an auto-inflate cushion out of my pocket and tossed it out the window. Being the Ballet Thief was easy when you signed a pact with a company on the Black Market that would give or make you all the high tech you needed for just $1000!

    I pressed the red button and I could hear the loud screeching from the inflation of the auto-inflate cushion. I picked up the amusingly light mahogany desk and tossed it out the window. I leaped out the window with extreme gracefulness and agility. I landed perfectly on the cushion. I tampered with my boots for a few minutes, trying to find the sticky mode button in complete darkness. I almost yelped when I heard a scream coming from where the mahogany desk had come from.

“Mommy! My beautiful new desk is gone! And why is Terry on the FLOOR?!!!!”

    I gulped and twirled into the darkest corner, dragging the mahogany desk with me. It felt strangely heavier than before. Maybe it was the weight of stress?

“Honey darling, the window was left open. Remember to close it next time! The only way that rotten thief could’ve gotten in was through the window. I checked the alley five times already! I could’ve sworn I saw the edge of a pink ballerina tutu and pink ballet slipper the first time I checked,” the confuzzled mom muttered.

    I sighed with so much relief as I finally managed to turn on sticky mode. I placed the gorgeous mahogany desk into a plain old sack and started hauling it with me as I scaled the brick wall to my bedroom. When I finally made it, I was tired, but more prouder than ever!

The Robbery is a Success!

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