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Changes made to Words and Their Stories by Samuel C., Ryan L., Grady Y., 801 & 802

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Changes made to Words and Their Stories aka Get A Clue

By: Samuel C., Ryan L., & Grady Y.

As you may know Words and Their Stories has gotten a recent update in which it got a new appearance. Here’s a list of all the changes:

  • Entering in the browser no longer works, you must search for “words and their stories” on google or use this:
  • The background is now a bright blue (#40C7E7)
  • The color scheme (now just bright colors)
  • The entrance of the website (there’s a little character in the front when you press log in)
  • Log in now has greater space for credentials
  • The ability to click next before the animation (probably a bug)
  • The bigger font size when you enter a new level/volume
  • Some of the words/letters overlap the shape that it is in
  • New fonts (Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Roboto, Arial, etc.)
  • There is now a new logo
  • Scorecard has been redone
  • After clicking main it takes you back to the main page instead of the words of the level
  • Cube transition has been made more smooth
  • The website now takes up the entire space in the browser
  • Words in a category can scroll up and down
  • Level selector now rises from the bottom much slower than it did before
  • When you choose a word list, it now pops out instead of just dropping down
  • Once you choose the word list, the pretest, post-test and score button now fade in
  • A new robot duck animation
  • It now no longer runs of Adobe Flash Player


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