The Dollhouse by Min Z., 705

    I was sitting on my bed, listening to music. My eyes were wandering all around my bedroom, until they finally settled on a little dollhouse. I smiled unnoticeably, since the dollhouse brought back so many good memories. When my eyes met the dolls creepy porcelain eyes, I shuddered. The dolls were hideously ugly now, uglier than a cackling witch with a face full of warts. It was only then I had thought of the most brilliant idea ever.

Two Days Later on Saturday…

    I had just finished putting up some old foldable tables. I was carefully setting up the dolls on fancy handmade doll-stands. I put seperate price tags on the dolls and their doll-stands. I heaved a sigh of relief when a little girl came walking up to my stand with her mother. She was begging her mother to get her a Barbie doll near the edge of my foldable display table. The little girl’s mother rolled her eyes as she handed me $10. I picked up the Barbie doll and handed it to the little girl.

    “Ooh! This doll is so pretty!” She jumped up and down and smiled.

    “I’m glad you think so.” I folded the $10 bill and tucked it away in my jean pocket.

    I started to think that this was the worst idea ever when nobody else came for hours. I decided it was time to pack up all the dolls. When I got to the last doll, I could swear it had moved, even if it was just a tiny bit. I looked a little closer and it blinked. It blinked! I dropped the doll onto the floor. It got up and started moving towards me. I shrieked and ran away. I ran all the way up to my bedroom. I locked the door and pushed three chairs against my door, sure that no doll could ever get past such a fabulous door-block. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw all of my dolls sitting inside my doll house. Even the Barbie doll that the little girl had bought earlier was sitting there! In fact, all of the dolls were sitting there as though I had never touched them. Maybe it was all just a dream?

    I suddenly heard a little whisper, no louder than a gentle breath. It got a little louder, but still barely audible. It was repeated at least ten times before it was slightly audible. “How dare you try to sell us. We’re your beloved possessions. You should love us, care for us, hug us, but instead, you try to throw us away.” I gulped as they all started getting up. They got closer….and closer….until they were close enough to hurt me. At this point, they were screaming, “HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SELL US. WE’RE YOUR BELOVED POSSESSIONS. YOU SHOULD LOVE US, CARE FOR US, HUG US, BUT INSTEAD, YOU TRY TO THROW US AWAY.”

    All the dolls jumped on me at once. Throwing little vials of liquid at me, hitting me, biting me, and scratching me. I screeched in agony, praying for someone, anyone, to come and save me. They finally released me. The world felt smaller. My face felt like plastic. I only realized what I was….when a doll next to me held up a doll-size mirror. I screamed and nearly fainted. I was one of them. My creepy porcelain eyes, my baby-blue dress, and my way-too-perfect-to-be-true doll hair….I was….


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