Mary Mondays: Advice Vol.1 Dec 13

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Dear Mary,

I want to find more ways to get community service hours! What clubs and activities would you recommend to get more service hours?      

Thanks, shawnmendesfangirl

Dear shawnmendesfangirl,


Hey! Thanks for writing to us! It is great that you are looking to get some community service hours, there are so many different clubs and activities that you can get them from!

First, there is the Kiwanis club. This club meets every other Friday for about 15-20 minutes. They plan fundraisers and events to raise money for different organizations. You can get the service hours from attending meetings, and for helping out at the events that they host.

There is also the Links club. It meets every Wednesday for members from 3:10-4:10. This club raises awareness and works with children who have disabilities. They host school-wide events they everyone can be a part of.

If you want to get hours during school, you can be a section book monitor, a peer tutor, or a lunch monitor for a teacher. Ask one of your teachers if they ever need any help during lunch. Peer tutoring is a great way to help people who are having trouble in a subject, while also getting service hours!

These are just a few things you can do to get hours! There are so many other clubs and activities that you could be a part of and help out at in order to get community service hours, and to be in national junior honor society!


Hope you found this helpful!


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