Halloween Graveyard Dessert Recipe by Amelia W., 602


What you will need:

High quality butter



Chocolate pudding

Oreos (or any type of dark colored cookie)

Dark/milk chocolate (any brand)

Black frosting/ Chocolate syrup (optional)


How to make it:

To make the shortbread gravestone, you first preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the butter, flour, and sugar together in a bowl and mix it up together to make the dough. Then, you shape the dough into any tombstone shape you would like and put them in the oven for 25-30 minutes, until the shortbread is golden brown all around. While you’re waiting, you can get started on the pudding cup or the dirt of the graveyard. Get a see through any sized cup and put some pudding in it. Then, crush your oreos/ other cookies and sprinkle the on top of the pudding for a good crunch. Layer more pudding on and then get a piece of chocolate and put it on top of the pudding so it doesn’t sink. The chocolate represents the coffins top sticking out of the dirt. When your shortbread is done and this step is optional, you can write with your black frosting/ chocolate syrup any message on the cookies. Ex: rip, death, spooky, etc. Lastly stick your cookies in the dirt next to your “coffin” and you are done with this spooky sweet snack. Enjoy! 


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