Halloween Story Pt. 1 by Noah A., 606

Picture this: It’s October 31 of 2019. There are costumes of pirates, robots, BTS, zombies, Jokers, and even a pizza! So this is all fun and games, and a bit of candy? Well, that’s what I thought, but it’s relative to how you see it. 

Let’s rewind a bit. My name is Ramzy Adams. I’m 12, in 7th grade. And I’ve always wanted to be a scientist. So when I heard of the chance to get an internship on October 29, that would start 2 more days from now, AND I would be able to bring an assistant, I was so dumbfounded that I called my friend Wally, hid some of the details about being my assistant, and may or may not of told my mom until I confirmed it was real. Then two days later, we were taking our bicycles to 65 street. 

When I arrived, we saw a store labeled: Spook Lab. And to my disappointment, it looked like a Halloween costume store. “Come on!” I yelled, realizing that all my joy and excitement was for nothing. “May as well check it out.” Wally then said. I then used the key that was inside the package to then open the door. And saw something… well out of the oridarny

“What the…” Wally said as he tripped over a zombie costume. I sighed and then walked to the huge conveyor belt transporting some fake bones. I then heard a shrill, sharp voice yell “Ahh, yes, Ramzy, isn’t it? Yes, clome in!” I then open the door that say “Restricted” on it. I then see a small, white haired man looking at a huge tube that looked like a zombie, and by that point I was ready to make a run for it. “So, uhhh, I’m here for the internship.” The man then gives me and Wally two garbage bags. “Yes, yes” he says, slightly annoyed “Take these and get some candy.” I then flash him a glare. “Get CANDY? What are we, babies?” Wally then looks at me and whispers, “Relax”. Then, I count to 10 and say “Ok, but can’t I just buy a pack of Skittles?” The man then looks at me and says “No, it lacks some off the….. Halloween Spirit…”



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