Math Homework on Halloween by Christopher W., 703

She goes to IS 187

Her age is 11

It’s currently October

And math class is nearly over


It’s actually Halloween

A day for everyone to laugh and scream

The bell is about to ring

But then the teacher says something


“For tomorrow you have to do

Pages twelve through twenty-two”


She was really glad

But now she’s extremely sad

She was going to have lots of fun

But now she’s going to have none


She procrastinates on her homework and forgets

When she remembers, she has some regrets

She goes to complete it now

But suddenly she says, “Ow!”


As it turns out,

Spirits are all about

Her math homework has been haunted

Because it was never wanted


They chase her around the room

As the sky darkens to a gloom

Her parents think she’s being a fool

As they cannot see these troublesome ghouls


They eventually stop attacking

So she can stop “randomly” whacking

She continues the rest of the day as she hoped

Hoping the ghosts were magically washed away by soap


The following day in math,

When she explains what happens, the class just gives her laughs

Her teacher thinks she is lying

While she keeps denying


But when she opens her folder to show her teacher,

Her homework is magically in front of her

She gets put in detention,

As her class gives her lots of unwanted attention


She is bored, and as she thinks about funny memes,

She starts to wonder, “Was this just a dream?”


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