The Gigas Codex by Freda D., 806

Once upon a flash, black night

Lived a deranged, thoughtful monk

His heart craving to aid man

Paid a price too much to stand


One- six- zero beasts in cage

Anticipating for his blind rage

Guided by the demon’s hand

Skins tint in fresh blood strands


Filled with sin and depravity

Rendered the prince of the Inferno

A soul unveiling psycho warmth

His loved ones escaping with no luck


A Latin paradox divulged

Mystery in a lock obscured

Oh! The irony behind the inception

Virtue under a pact with Sheol


O’er the course of a black, dark year

Concludes the print of Gigas Codex

Descending in their former, damned glory

To whomever read the untold story.


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