The Swerve is Back!

Hello readers-

Thank you for subscribing to The Swerve! This is our fifth school year of publishing the art and interests of the McAuliffe community. Whether you’re a new subscriber this year or you’ve been with us for many years (hello alumni!) we are so happy you receive our emails and read our posts.

We are starting up this school year with an October theme: “2 Spooky 4 U” … all of our posts this month will be haunted! We hope you enjoy and don’t get too scared, it’s just art!

We hope you will send us some of your own work related to this theme by emailing with your submissions. Drawings, poems, short stories, current events, essays, music reviews, photographs, movie reviews, recipes, and music are all welcome to our site. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy this new year in Swerve history.

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