Our New Email Address

Hey Swerve Readers!

We have a new email address for you to publish your art and interests. It’s never been easier to be published on The Swerve. Send all your stuff to PublishMe@theswerve187.com. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions related to our October theme, 2 Spooky 4 U. If you’re interested in joining The Swerve to work on your creative pieces in a creative space, we meet on Fridays during NIA from 3-5. Join us for one or both periods. It’s a super-fun and productive time with no homework or test prep allowed!!! 🙂

Look for our weekly email summarizing all the great pieces on The Swerve, and be sure to follow us on Instagram (@ theswerve187) so you never miss a post.

Talk to you soon,

The Swerve

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