Halloween Story Part 2 by Noah A.

Note: Please check out the first writing of this Halloween Story 

Other note: Hey, it’s Wally. Wally Lynn. Ramzy’s friend. The one who’s breaking the fourth wall. Just want to make sure you understand.

So me and Ramzy are trick or treating and having a bittersweet time. On one hand, me and are having a good time in our costume, me as Ash Ketchum and him as Donald Trump. On the other hand, there was a guy treating us like 4 year olds, telling us to get candy. Sure, I’m fine with that, because I still trick-o-treat, but I was going to work, in the name of science! But on the other, OTHER hand, what do I know about why he wants us to get candy. But on the other other OTHER hand, this is turning into handception, so I’ll stop.

“So, uhhh… how’s the trick or treating?” I say, trying to break the ice with Ramzy. No comment. “Uhhhhhh, trade you a Twix for a Snickers?” He silently takes out his Snickers (He’s allergic to peanuts) and then says “You know what? I’ll go back there and give him a piece of my mind.” He then runs to the Spook Lab, as fast as he could while holding a pillowcase full of candy. If I knew that the lab was illegal, I would off told him not to go.

“Ok, I have had it with you!” Ramzy yelled as he burst into the room. Then, the old man comes into the room. “Ahh, this is the candy, right?” He then takes the candy and runs into the room with the strange looking tube. We then run in, but for some reason he is feeding the corpse in the tube it. “Ummmmm, what are you doing?” I say. But all of a sudden, a gray smoke emerges from the candy and goes into it. And somehow, it pushes itself  out of the tube!

 “UHHHHHHH” it yells. And me and Ramzy start screaming. “Yes! My dead brother is alive!” He yells. “Wait, so you were trying to revive your dead brother all along?”Ramzy says. “Yeah.” He says. The brother then says “Can we get McDonalds?”  I then look at Ramzy. “Oh. Well, this won’t go wrong.” I then proceed to break the fourth wall. “Happy Fake Out!!!”



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