It’ll Be Alright by Julian N., 713

Marie heard the howls of the werewolves and the screeches of the bats. She could see all the witches on broomsticks and zombies with their tattered clothing. She could see the vampires’ fangs and the mummy’s cloth wrappings. But she was not one of them. She had brown hair and green eyes and had been the only human in Halloweenworld for as long as she could remember. And she had been teased because of it. 

She sat in the corner, crying, while the class bullies yelled things like, “What’re you hidin’ from, humie?” and all the other kids laughed along with them. Suddenly she heard the unmistakable voice of Xavier, a zombie, yell at the other kids, ”Get away! Can’t you see that she’s hurt?” Marie wasn’t hurt, but she let it go.

Xavier came up to her and asked her, ”What’s wrong?”

“They call me names,” Marie replied.

”They’re just jealous,” said Xavier. ”Where you come from, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Also, you may not be what they think is normal, but it’s what’s inside that matters.” Marie took that personally and, for once, she realized that she had a friend. 

Later that day, she went to talk to her “foster mom,” who had adopted her when she got lost in Halloweenworld. She told her mom, a vampire, the situation, and how Xavier had helped her.

Her mom replied, “I know what it feels like. Once, I got trapped in your world. It was scary. So, you’re not alone.”

Marie smiled, then said,” But what if they tease me again?”

“We’ll get to that when it happens.” said her mom. ”Just remember, it’ll be alright.” And Marie had those words stuck in her head the whole day.

“It’ll be alright. It’ll be alright. It’ll be alright.”


One Reply to “It’ll Be Alright by Julian N., 713”

  1. I love your writing Julian and it’s great that you are contributing so often. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.


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