Minecraft Advice by Prince Z., 606

Welcome to the weekly advice series known as Minecraft Advice Edition! Here I will make weekly posts on all the advice about Minecraft! If you have a question, send it to mrminecraftswerve@gmail.com
Remember that a few questions will be listed, and not all. If you’re waiting for a question, you can scroll down or just read through the article. It’s interesting, I promise.
“Dear Mr Minecraft,
How do you easily survive your first night in Minecraft? I always seem to die in the first few nights because I can’t find enough resources
– cool_fernando”

Well, Fernando, the most important rule to survive for the first few nights is in fact resources, but also how you prepare. The first things you should acquire is wood and stone to make a sword. With the sword, you’ll be able to obtain wool to make a bed. Once you have a bed, you can skip through the night. This will make accomplishing things much easier for you.

My recommendation is for you to keep a bed on you at all times so if unsafe creatures come out, you can quickly hop into bed. This will save your life a few times at least. Sleeping will also avoid getting hit in the head by Phantoms.
“Dear Mr Minecraft,
Whenever I go strip mining, it takes hours before I get many riches. Is there an easier way to get ores without exploring much?
– AdyaGamer”

The key to getting a lot of ores is a source of material. Instead of immediately going to strip mine, I recommend finding a naturally generated mining source. Caves and ravines are quite common, so you don’t need to search for those.
Caves and other naturally generated features of Minecraft are much easier to gather resources from. After a Minecraft study, it is shown that it is about 27% faster to mine in caves and cliffsides than with strip mining. Of course, when you get more advanced strip mining might be a bit more reasonable.
“Dear Mr Minecraft,
How do I get Minecraft for free? I’ve been watching youtubers for so long and I really want to play some Minecraft. Is there a legal way to do this?”

The question most of you readers have been waiting for. How do you get Minecraft for free? Well, there is no legal way to get a brand new account for free. However, since I do not condone illegal activity and obtaining software illegally, I cannot tell you the illegal way. Sorry! 🙂

Remember to email me other questions you have about Minecraft at mrminecraftswerve@gmail.com! Peace out!
From, Mr Minecraft

5 Replies to “Minecraft Advice by Prince Z., 606”

  1. Oi! Can u tell us if there is Free Minecraft we can use? I know there are LOTS AND LOTS of Minecraft Versions and is there one that is similar, Free and Easy to create Worlds on a Computer?


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