Autumn Poem by Jessica S, 606

The autumn wind

The last of the leaves drift slowly down

In a wonderful shower of red and gold and brown.

Landing on already huge heaps

Waiting for the wind


Finally the wind picks them all up

Swirls them around

Blows them far and wide

A million miles from here


Finally they settle upon a place to stay

Here they are, a blanket to cover a sleeping Earth

At last, they decay

Now the Earth needs a new blanket


Never fear, for at last, the first snowfall is here!

The first flake is nothing, but there are many, 

hundreds of thousands of millions

Waiting to transform the earth


But this time, the wind does not help

Blowing and scattering the snow

A blizzard on a clear day

This is all the wind’s doing


Autumn is over, yet the wind still blows

It is eternal, only resting, never vanishing

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Part of a beautiful and powerful force that we call nature

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