Minecraft Advice #2 by Prince Z, 606

Welcome to the second edition of Minecraft Advice! Today we will be answering more questions about Minecraft! Be sure to message mrminecraftswerve@gmail.com to get your Minecraft question answered!

“Hello Mr. Minecraft,

How many enderpearls do I need in order to find the stronghold? I can’t find many endermen in the Overworld.

Thanks! ~ Elli”


Well, Elli, you need up to 12 eyes of ender to complete an ender portal. You need not only enderpearls but blaze powder as well. I advise you keep at least 16 eyes of ender on you. You do need eyes of ender to locate the stronghold. The reason you probably can’t find endermen is because endermen spawn in flat grounds. If your in the Extreme Hills biome, chances are that endermen won’t spawn in. Find a good, flat surface and ride a horse around the terrain. This way you’ll get enderpearls in no time, assuming you fight the endermen.


“Dear Mr.Minecraft, 

What y-level do you usually find diamonds? I’ve heard y=5, y=11, and y=12. Where do you usually have the best luck finding them?



Well, JonnyMonny, y=11 and y=12 are usually the best altitudes for collecting diamonds. Diamonds will spawn between y=1 and y=16, but starting at y=5 bedrock will take up some up some of the spawn rates and up at y=16 other ores will do the same. At around y=11 and y=12 diamonds will most frequently spawn. However, you do still have chances of finding diamonds at y=1 to y=16.

“Dear Mr. Minecraft,

How do you get the ender dragon head in the end city? Why do you even need the ender dragon head?

Thanks, Corruptor”

Hello, Corruptor. The ender dragon head can be obtained via end city ships. These end city ships are rare structures found above end cities. Ender dragon heads will usually be used as a hull for the ship. You can use the ender dragon head as a cool little hat to wear, or a house decoration to show you’ve raided an end city ship. If you have a redstone signal going into it, the jaws will start to move.

Remember to message mrminecraftswerve@gmail.com so you can get your own Minecraft questions answered!

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