Poem by Anson L and Leo G, 806

In the forest in the woods,

Lived a boy that liked to wear a hood,

If he could, no, he should, he swore to the hood society he would!

And now he squats on an oak tree stump,

That his grandfather chopped down using an axe with a couple bumps,

The boy liked to reminisce about the past that his dad told him about,

He never thought that his dad would lie like a teapot with a long sprout,

About the grand adventures that his grandfather took,

Left the boy yearning for an adventure that would leave him shook,

After hearing of all the magnificent endeavours that his grandfather discharged in,

The boy poured out all his heart, telling his dad of his many dreams and desires,

And his dad replied, “Ok boomer.”

And so that sent the boy in a spiraling descent into madness,
Become a hermit he would!

The boy that lives into the woods,

The boy that likes to wear a hood.

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