PokeCons by Preston C, David M, and Leonardo H, 707

Ben Shapiro

Type: Conservative, Elf

The alt-right elf pokemon


Level 100

Attack: 200

Special Attack: 200

Defense: 200

Special Defense: 200

Speed: 200

HP: 200



Move 1

Debate me, LIBERAL


Powerful Special Attack

Ben Shapiro says the words “Debate me, LIBERAL!”

Which does massive damage (75) to the enemy.  If enemy PokeCon

is a Liberal type it does up to half of their health.  Grants +15 Special Attack to

Ben Shapiro and other Conservative types for the duration of the debate


Move 2

Want a cup of coffee, AOC?


Special attack

Ben Shapiro stalks AOC

90 damage. Super effective against Liberal types. Lowers special defense.


Move 3

Facts don’t care about your feelings!


Special attack

Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings!”

100 damage. 90% chance to hit. Lowers opponent’s special defense and attack by 25 each, 50 if Liberal type.


Move 4

Leaves interview early


Physical attack

Ben Shapiro is immune to damage for one turn but special defense, physical defense, special attack, and physical attack are lowered for the duration of the battle.

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