Pokemon Shield Tips and Tricks by Julian N., 713

I will be posting tips and tricks for Pokemon Shield every week starting this week. Do not read if you hate spoilers.

Chapter one: Starters.

I play Pokemon shield, so some stuff might not happen in your game depending on which game you choose. 

During the beginning of Pokemon Shield, you have a choice between 3 starters: Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey. Once you choose, Hop, your rival, will  choose the one that’s weak to yours, and Leon, the champion, will choose the strongest against yours. For instance, I chose Sobble, the water type, and Hop chose Scorbunny, the fire type, while Leon chose Grookey, the Grass type. I find this to be a little annoying because you can use Inteleon against Charizard, but then Rillaboom with come in and crush your Inteleon and you need another Pokemon to take care of it. I sort of like Grookey, because then Leon will choose Scorbunny and you can easily defeat Cinderace and Charizard with Pokemon like Barreskewda or Quagsire. If you choose Scorbunny, Leon will choose Sobble, and you sort of need two more new Pokemon since Fire is not good against fire or water, so Cinderace is basically useless against those two.

This is the end of this week’s tips and tricks post. If there are any topics you want me to research, let me know in the comments.


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