3 Major Pokemon Double Battle Combinations by Julian N., 713

When some people play double battles in Pokemon, they will often come across the problem that they don’t know which move to use against which Pokemon, or if they want to mega evolve or not, or if they want to use an X Attack or an X Sp. Attack, or what is the difference between an X Attack and an X Sp. Attack, and so on and so forth. That’s why I want to add a few strategies for people who are new to Pokemon. Also, during each section, I will add a picture of the Pokemon that is being described.


1. Thievul and Hatterene

Thievul is a Pokemon you can get early in Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, it’s Dark type, which makes it weak to Fighting types like Falinks. That’s when Hatterene comes in. This Pokemon’s signature move, Magic Powder, changes the opponent’s Pokemon to Psychic types, and Theivul’s Dark type move, Beat Up, does super effective damage against Psychic types! Not only that, but now Falinks’ Fighting type moves don’t have the same type attack bonus. To top it all off, Hatterene can know Psychic (guess what type of move it is?) and if Falinks somehow manages to avoid Magic Powder, Fighting types are weak to Psychic types, so Psychic will do super effective damage! 


2. Intelleon and Lapras

Intelleon is an evolution of Sobble, one of the starters for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It can learn Soak, which turns your opponent into a Water type. Now you’re probably thinking, “Where does Lapras come in? It’s not a Grass or Electric type.” Well Lapras can learn the Ice-type move Freeze-Dry, which does super effective damage against Water types (don’t ask me why). So with the opponents soaked, Lapras is ready to do some super effective damage (even if they were not weak to ice types before). 


3. Lopunny and Slowbro

This is the only combo so far where the Pokemon cannot be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Well, Galarian Slowbro’s coming out in June, but that’s different. Where was I? Anyway, Lopunny is a very cute Pokemon who can have the ability Klutz, which renders a holder’s item useless. It’s pretty much a useless ability, except for one scenario. Lopunny can learn the move Switcheroo, which switches items with an opponent/ally. So if you give it a Flame Orb, which burns the holder, and use Switcheroo on Slowbro, Slowbro will then get burned. However, because of Klutz, Lopunny won’t. Now,  you’re probably thinking, “what’s the use of my Pokemon getting burned?” Well, Slowbro can learn Facade, which can do double damage if burned. So now that it’s burned, when it uses Facade, it will do double damage. And whenever you need to heal its burn (which you probably won’t want now that I’ve told you about that technique), just give the Slowpoke a Rawst Berry to hold, and have the Lopunny use Switcheroo again to heal the burn.

2 Replies to “3 Major Pokemon Double Battle Combinations by Julian N., 713”

  1. I agree with Noah. Slowbro is not good with burn, and neutralizes the extra damage it was supposed to do. It’s kind of like using Snore when you’re already at full HP. Facade should be better used with pokemon like Machamp, Conkeldurr, and Hariyama.(No point of having Guts on suicide leads like Rattata)Their already high attack base stats would be raised, and that would make an overpowered Conkeldurr(140 base attack) have it’s attack stat multiplied by 1.5. Lopunny is better paired with pokemon like Alakazam.


  2. Why doesn’t Slowbro just hold it at the beginning? Plus a facade team could be utilized better with the ability Guts since they don’t get the attack drop. Getting burned as Slowbro with Facade is bad, because the psychical attack drop neutralizes it, meaning you just take damage very turn with no benefit.


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