Back to Swerve!

Hello 187 Community-

This is Mr. Savarese writing to welcome you all back to school for the 2020-2021 school year. This should be an exciting year for all of us and, even though it’s a little strange to have class a few days a week, I have a feeling this might be our most creative year ever. Think of all the time we can now spend thinking about what we enjoy creating … and then actually creating it!

Everyone and anyone in the McAuliffe community can have their creative work published. You can send us stories, drawings, paintings, photos, poems, recipes, how-tos, music clips, video clips…. anything you want to create! Take a look around the website to get an idea of what we’ve had in the past … and then think about what you’d like to create for the school community to see!

If you would like to help run the website, to edit content, or to just hang out with each other and create together (a lot of great work has been created this way!), then I suggest you join the Swerve Staff. This year the Swerve Staff will be meeting during NIA hours, Tuesdays from 3-5pm over Zoom. There is a Classroom code for you to use and that is how we will stay organized. Please email me for the code (jsavarese [at] is187nyc . com)

There are so many ways we can reinvent the Swerve this year to be a fun, exciting, and relevant place for all students to show their creative works! I hope you’ll join us.

Welcome back to school! -Mr Savarese

One Reply to “Back to Swerve!”

  1. HI, Mr Savarese! How are you? I saw the post on the swerve, and I wanted to commit something to the website. can you publish this post? thanks!

    Swerve Post Vol 1


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