Entertainment column – Spooky Edition!

This week’s post by Rania B

Are you bored at home watching and reading the same things again and again? Well never fear, the entertainment column is here to give you all the entertainment you need! Read this column weekly to find out what you should watch next. We will hold trivia contests in the future, so if I were you I would get to watching and reading! If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or reviews you would like to submit, including to publish your own review, please email publishme@theswerve187.com

Twilight Saga (Book series)

Any vampire fans in the crowd? Well it’s your lucky day. Ever heard of The Twilight Saga. It is a great series that has four books in total. It is about a gorgeous vampire family and one of them falls in love with a human girl named Bella Swan. At first the vampire Edward Cullen can’t resist the smell of her blood which led to them disliking each other but then…. Oh sorry spoiler alert. Read the books to find out the next part. I read it myself and I love it. 

Girl vs Monsters (Movie, Disney Channel)

In the mood of some seasonal action? Well watch Girl vs Monster to really understand how witches can turn the scariest night of the year into a horror nightmare. It is about a girl who is at a party and her father is a monster catcher. They accidentally release dangerous witches and everything takes a twist on Halloween night!

We have all the time this year to get next to the television and watch some movies. Watch out for this column and make sure to take my advice on movie and book chioces.


“The Twilight saga is a great series to read on your free time.”- Rania

“ It was a five star book” – Emma G

“It is thrilling with exciting drama along with some chilling romance.”- Ikram B

“It was the perfect halloween movie and it kept the entire family interested”- Ikram B


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