Gaming Column – Welcome to the New Gaming Column!

This week’s post is by Rayan B, 6th grade

The gaming world keeps expanding by the year and new gadgets and electronics are coming all the time. There are so many different games that it is difficult to keep up with what is new. Therefore we created the gaming column where we will keep you updated with the latest games and tips on how to win and have fun. We will be featuring games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Fortnite, and many more. Make sure you practice your gaming skills because from time to time because we will have contests and tournaments. 

The gaming column is made up of the Christa Mcauliffe community and without you guys we could never create this. That is why if you ever have an idea of a game you want us to write about or give tips, just email us:

Another thing I want to talk about as we just begun this column is time management. We all love video games and this is what the column is all about but we need to play logically. Too much is not healthy so try not to play for many hours every day. Especially don’t play during class, even if it is remote learning! It will certainly distract you and you won’t understand what to do for work. Too much of anything is not good. 

We hope you use the tips we post. They will be helpful for you during the game and soon you will be a pro. We hope you send in some of the tips and tricks you use too to Or leave a comment below! In addition to the tips we will add the facts about the game and anything interesting like new updates.

The last thing and one of the most important rules of the gaming column is to have fun playing that game even if you don’t win because the fun part is trying to win not winning. Remember stay tuned for anything new from the gaming column. Rayan signing off. 


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