Good Morals Column – Story of the Squirrel

This week’s post by Danielle D, 6th Grade.

The Good Morals Column is a weekly fiction writing involving facts and stories. The thing those two have in common is that they are both always meant to help us. The story in today’s column is an adventure, for the main character and for the reader too, so I am going to go ahead and introduce you to the story of the little squirrel.

The little squirrel was having a lovely day. She had eaten a feast of acorns today, which gave her endless energy to express upon the trees in the forest. As she was climbing, she had a sudden urge to go to the trees unknown to her, the trees she was always too tired to climb. She went ahead and started to climb again without thinking, an action that her mother disagreed with greatly.  

Two thirds up her climb, she noticed a dark shadow slowly towering the trees around her. Her curiosity overpowered her, and she went to discover the source of the shadow. The little squirrel at last came close enough to see the source. As the creature was put into view, the squirrel let out a squeak of terror that seemed to echo toward the monster that was standing on the ground. The creature had snakes for hair and red, glowing eyes. As the little squirrel watched, the creature looked at a tree not so far from the tree she was on and turned it into stone. 

The squirrel scampered away to her friend’s home that was thankfully near the area. She frantically began telling her friend everything as soon as she got inside. The friend listened closely, and when she was finished, the little squirrel’s friend started to tell the little squirrel her opinion of this experience. She told her that the monster was not necessarily bad. There are other monsters that look harmless, she squeaked, but are really chopping down thousands of homes, rarely feeling remorse for the creatures living in them. Those are the monsters you should be afraid of. The little squirrel shook her head in disbelief, and then started to get back to her home. As she prepared herself to climb back, the squirrel noticed two red glowing eyes looking straight at a spot right next to her. She climbed for her life and went inside her home as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. 

She stayed inside for a long time until she gathered up the courage to peek out. She then noticed that there was no monster in sight. She then realized that her friend’s sayings were right. The little squirrel realized the creature did not have a heart like a real monster’s. Just because a creature may look horrifying does not mean that it is horrifying inside as well. Don’t judge beings by what they look like, judge them by who they are inside.


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