Seasonal Column: Autumn Art Inspirations!

This week’s post written by Alicia E, 6th grade

Hello Christa Mcauliffe students and teachers!  Welcome to the Seasonal column. This column will be hosted as well as written by myself, Alicia, with some idea contributions from the other Swerve members. In this column I will present you with recipes, contests, art, and much more related to the season, so you’ll never see the same thing twice! If you want to send anything in for the seasonal column, please email

Well, since Halloween is right around the corner, here are some Ideas, and tricks to help you carve a pumpkin.

For this project you will need the following:

  • Carving tools, either a knife or a store-bought kit
  • The help and supervision of a parent or guardian
  • A pumpkin
  • Paint (if desired)

Idea #1:

To be able to get a perfect cut shape on your pumpkin, the easiest way is to take a cookie cutter, insert it into your pumpkin and then carve around the inside of the cookie cutter. When you remove the cookie cutter, there should be a perfect shape of whatever your shape was.

Idea #2:

A spooky and gross way to really put that halloween spirit into your pumpkin is to follow these instructions:

First, carve your pumpkin to a face of your desired face, and instead of fully removing the pumpkin seeds and insides, just leave the pulp hanging out of the jackolantern’s mouth to make it seem as if the pumpkin is throwing up.

Idea #3:

Many people get halloween decorations, but have you ever considered that not just a carved pumpkin can be a decoration. Here are some examples. Paint your pumpkin to look like a witch’s cauldron ( you can carve your pumpkin to be the shape of a cauldron and could even use it like one and fill it with punch and fun drinks.) You can also carve out a fist-sized hole in your pumpkin and remove the insides. Fill it with candy and now you have a decorative candy holder for trick-or treaters.make sure you leave a take one sign!

Thank you for reading. I hope you have fun making these. Stay tuned until next week for me to teach you how to make fun halloween art! See you next week!


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