Pokémon Column: Opinions on Pokémon Vol 2

Our weekly Pokémon column written by Sean C. This post, I will be talking about Pokemon that are mistaken for their looks. Some are too intimidating, and some are way stronger than they seem.


Who doesn’t think Snorlax is less intimidating that it looks? Me! It’s HP base stat is 160. It’s defense is 65 and it’s Special Defense is 110. It weighs 1014.4 pounds. And what’s so bad about this? Well, it’s this huge, gigantic, fat bear. And when I say fat, I mean humongous. It’s HP and SpD stats get beaten by Blissey, which has 255 HP and 135 SpD! Blissey only weighs 103 pounds! Man this is messed up! And Blissey only weighs 103 pounds!


Seriously… Slaking… Is just a fat monkey. A gigantic, fat monkey which looks like if you bought a kid 200 happy meals a day for 20 years and forced them to eat them. Wait-what if I told you it has a base stat total higher than a Tyranitar? Would you believe me? It’s HP is 150, Atk is 160, Def is 100, SpA is 95, SpD is 65, and its speed is 100. This equals 670 total base stats. Even though it’s base stats are high, Truant is a big setback. Though I don’t recommend Slaking being on your best competitive teams because it’s dangerous to use, Slakings are good for casual matches. Slakings can learn Giga Impact, which is the Hyper Beam counterpart, having 150 base power. Perfectly, Slaking can’t attack the next turn, which is also when Giga Impact is recharging. Slaking is a beast in the right hands, and an useless pokemon  in others.Watch how you use it.


Who likes a fat, oval, creature that is slow? Me! Ferrothorn is ugly and pretty useless for everything besides setting entry hazards.Back then, I used to think entry hazards were useless. Now, I know how important they can be in PvP. Definitely recommend Ferrothorn for support.


Bewear does look cute. It also has 125 Atk. If you watch the anime, you see this pokemon can break trees by smacking them. 


“The weak pokemon, it’s you Magikarp” anyone who watches the official Pokemon channel has heard this song. But actually, this “useless” pokemon can learn Hydro Pump, a very powerful water type move.


Any pokemon fans here who grew up watching Pokemon? I was one of these people. I was straight up afraid of Beedrill. It was cool, but it was intimidating. I’m about to ruin your thoughts. Beedrill’s base stat total is only 395, and 2nd stage starters have higher base stats of 401. None of it’s stats reach higher than 90, which is it’s attack.


Altaria is pretty tanky, and Mega Altaria is overpowered. Mega Altaria’s stats become mostly 110 and 105. Though it has pretty good stats(and able to sweep if it has Dragon Dance) it looks like a duck stuck in a cloud.


Its base stats don’t go above 100, besides it’s attack. Most of its stats are in the 60s and 80s. It just…is horrible. It’s supposedly an abandoned doll with an evil spirit in it.


Yes, you heard me. A Common and Annoying Rattata with a Focus Sash could be a potential danger. Use a legendary, and you’ll lose to a Rattata. Use Arceus, and you’ll lose to Rattata. Extreme Speed has the same priority as Quick Attack, so if you have Extreme Speed you stand a chance. But a Rattata that has Endeavor and Quick Attack sends shivers down people’s spine.

Ok, this is the end of my post.  Next blog I will be talking about good 2v2 battle combos. If you have any ideas about what I should write next, email me at seanchen22@is187nyc.com! Also, check out The Swerve’s Instagram, theswerve187! Stay tuned!

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