Short Story: Spooky Morals Column Vol 2!

This week’s story is full of suspense! The Good Morals Column is written by Danielle D every week.

The room was covered in moss, spiderwebs, and frightening portraits. Yet it was the least terrifying room out of all. Emily was leaning against a wall, fighting against her tears. Her other friends were either pacing around the room, or standing quite still in terror.

Emily started to feel the dread that comes from being in a creepy mansion with no way out. Her mind made a solution that was not kind, and yet useful to resolving her misery. She started to blame everything on her best friend, Belgium. She started to shout mean, and horrid words at him, ending in the sentence, “This is all your fault.” Her friends, Joe and Rose, stared at them with large eyes.

As big as the situation was, the mansion provided more problems. The floor, still covered with moss, was slowly cracking into tiny pieces. Everything seemed to pass by in slow motion. Just as they were about to fall through the floor, Belgium grabbed a knife and aimed it towards Emily’s neck. Belgium had one person he cared about the most except for his parents. His best friend. He was hurt, and wanted to express his feelings.

Nothing suited his mind more than seeking revenge on Emily. Rose jumped between the two as quickly as a person could when they are standing on a cracked floor.

STOP!” she yelled one hand on Belgium’s knife, the other other holding on to a portrait to stop falling through a crack. Belgium stopped trying to harm Emily. “This isn’t over,” he said in utter distaste. Joe suddenly screamed. The walls were falling apart as well. They all screamed as they fell through the floor into a world of horrors.

Being inconsiderate leads to more inconsiderate behavior.


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