Short story: Trick-or-Treat!

This short story is written by Zara S

Trick or treating is a popular Halloween activity amongst kids of all ages. You dress up in a costume, knock on your neighbor’s doors and say “Trick or treat!” The person opens the door and hands you a piece of candy, which is a treat. But what about the trick part?

There is a gloomy neighborhood consisting of mostly elderly people and teenagers that live with their parents. Moody teenagers all over the city who are forced to bring their little siblings trick or treating love bringing them here, but why?

Around Halloween, this neighborhood is no place for little children to be. However, on October 31st, it’s flooded with kids ranging from 3 to 10 years old. The decorations are bloody, scary, and unwelcoming. Screams can be heard from blocks down. The people who are supposed to be handing out candy are usually hiding in plastic coffins and costumes. And before you can even say the words, “BoO! I WiLL EaT yOu iN yOuR sLeEp”, a mean kid will come out from hiding and say all sorts of horrible phrases. All of a sudden, it started to rain, and it was raining HARD.

Everyone was soaking wet. Costumes were ruined and pranks were ruined. All the older kids that came with their siblings and the kids in the neighborhood were planning a horrible trick on the kind grandparents and elders. They were going to egg houses and use silly string. They were even going to dump buckets of sticky slime, juice, and countless other liquid substances. Their terrible “jokes” were useless now. The eggs and spray paint would wash off because of the water and the elders weren’t planning on leaving their houses.

It didn’t rain anywhere in that city except for the evil neighborhood. All the other good children would still get to trick or treat and have fun. Those kids learned their lesson and they would probably never waste time on something mean like that again.

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