The Fable of the Pencil: Good Morals Short Story

Written by Danielle D. This story is inspired by Chris Colfer’s piece “The Curvy Tree”

There was once a broken pencil in the midst of the other pencils. Those pencils made fun of the broken pencil because of the pencil’s appearance.

The broken pencil was always overcome by sadness because of how the pencil looked like. When the giant hand picked up a pencil, it was always one of the “perfect” pencils. 

The broken pencil dreamed so much about being “perfect” that she never noticed what was going on around the broken pencil. Slowly, one by one the pencils were shrinking in size.

One day, the pencil that was most used-up and shrunken was picked by the giant hand. The broken pencil waited until the giant hand visited again to return the pencil, and pick a new one. But the pencil was never returned. This soon happened to all of the other “perfect” pencils except for one. 

Finally, the last “perfect” pencil was taken, and was put into a large, red machine. The “perfect” pencil was moved around so much in the sharpening of the red machine, that there was nothing left but tiny pieces of what used to be the pencil.

The broken pencil in the box then realized that her appearance was what saved her from being destroyed. She would be left to live in the box.

Just because something is different doesn’t mean it is bad. 


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