Dear Ms McAuliffe: Advice Column Dec. 1 2020

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Dear Ms. McAuliffe- 

A friend of mine is not very careful COVID-wise but I am. Every time I try to hang out with them, it’s almost impossible to socially distance. I can tell we are growing apart because of this. What is a good way to try to grow back together? 

-6th Grader

Hi 6th grader,

I know that these times are hard, especially trying to maintain relationships when you need to be very safe. I have been in this situation before and I understand that you may be very close with this friend. One way to maintain your friendship is Facetiming, or meeting to go for walks but agreeing to stay a few feet away from each other or even across the street! Be sure to tell them you will be wearing a mask and that you want them to wear one too. If they try to come closer than 6 feet, then tell them you agreed to keep a distance. Hopefully they will respect that and if not then they aren’t a true friend because they did not respect your agreement. You would have to discuss your feelings with them in order to work through this difficult time. However, if you find that your differences are just too great and your friend is not considering your feelings and concerns, it can be good to make new friends too.

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