Have Fun! Safe Fall and Winter Activity Suggestions

This column has been written by Zara S

5 Fun (and safe) Fall Activities by Zara

This year was pretty crazy but that doesn’t mean this season can’t be fun!

  • Apple Picking: You can drive to an orchard or field. It’s outdoors and if you keep your mask on and stay away from other families, it should be safe.
  • Baking: Some people have lots of fun baking. You can even make it seasonal if you make foods like pumpkin banana bread or apple pie.
  • Leaf Prints: You can collect leaves from outside your house. Then, take paper and a pencil put the leaf under the paper, and draw over the page. When you finish, you’ll have a nice leaf print.
  • Set up times to meet up virtually: You can use FaceTime, Zoom, or any other online video chatting service. Talking to friends and family on the phone or computer can give you time to catch up and connect with each other.
  • Write a letter: Sending a letter to someone will show them that you appreciate them. Although you can just send an email, a letter would make someone more excited or happier. They would probably be surprised to see a letter from you in the mail one day and what you write could make their day.

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