Twitter Drama Recap: Pop Culture Column

This article is written by Anna L

Twitter Drama: Mr Beast v ARMY

Recently, there has been a ton of drama occurring in the twitter world. However, there is one scandal with the fans of BTS, also known as ARMY, and twitter users that occured back on October 23rd that I want to summarize for our readers. 

On October 23, Mr. Beast announced that he would give away $10,000 to a Twitter user’s tweet that got the most interaction, underneath the tweet that he announced this news, within 24 hours. The tweet said “Tomorrow I’m going to give whoever ratios me the hardest on this tweet $10,000” There were over 67,000 replies. However, there were two tweets that got a lot of likes. Those two tweets were from the users @BTS_History613 and @Corpse_Husband. 

BTS_History613’s tweet said “I know this is impossible, If ever I win the funds will be directly donated to @fundsforbangtan and @BorahaeFunds for @BTS_twt ‘BE’ album comeback.” fundsforbangtan and BorahaeFunds helps ARMYs. One account, is a Twitter account that helps ARMYs, that don’t live in the USA, that want to help BTS’ album sales for charts. Another account is a Twitter account that helps ARMYs, that can’t afford albums, receive albums. The ‘BE’ album is BTS’ new album coming out on November 20th. As many people know, the K-pop Twitter community is a very big community. So, the tweet that BTS_History613 tweeted out blew up. 

Corpse_Husband’s tweet was “:).” Corpse_Husband’s tweet also blew up. 

Within the last 27 minutes of the 24 hours, BTS_History613’s tweet had 462k likes while Corpse_Husband’s tweet had 457k likes, which meant BTS_History613’s tweet had more likes. However, once the 24 hour mark hit, Corpse_Husband’s tweet got 518k and BTS_History613’s tweet got 496k likes. 

Mr. Beast decided to donate 10k to both Corpse_Husband and BTS_History613 since the amount of likes on the tweets were so close. Corpse_Husband later decided to donate the 10k to charity. Mr. Beast tweeted that Corpse_Husband would be donating the 10k to charity.

As the $10k would be donated to BTS’ new album, many Twitter users were infuriated at BTS and their fans. Many Twitter users were tweeting many hateful things under the tweet that Mr.Beast announced he would be donating 10k to BTS_History613. For instance, a Twitter user replied, “they don’t deserve it’s for a garbage album.” Some ARMYs decided to respond back to Twitter users with hateful comments. 

Moving forward, Mr. Beast opened a free restaurant that is drive through only. ARMY have also moved forward from this drama by preparing for BTS’ comeback. The Twitter users that tweeted hateful things haven’t tweeted about this drama either. 


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