Adventures on Earth: Short Story

This is part 2 of this story, by Zara S and Jillian L

Seldoon (sell-doon), Chev (shev), Redneval (red-nuh-val), and Rahas (rah-has) are all aliens from planet Kepler 452B. They are shapeshifting scientists who study other planets. They found a planet that’s inhabitable life (earth).They decided they want to go to Earth so they can study humans up close. It would be really weird if there were just aliens on earth, so they would have to go into human form.

It was a warm day on planet Kepler 452B and Chev was investigating something he had discovered.

“Come look at this thing” Chev exclaimed. “What is it?”, screamed Redneval from another room.” “I think I found something,” replied Chev. “Woah! Chev found a planet!” said Redneval. “It’s about time. I thought you were supposed to be smart.” said Seldoon “Hey, there aren’t that many planets. It takes a total genius to find one”. “So how did you find one”, snapped Seldoon. “I guess I’m a total genius. Deal with it,” replied Chev. “Stop fighting. Now is the time we need to get serious.” said Redneval. “Okay MOM” said Seldoon. “Okay we have to start studying this planet,” said Chev. They all scattered around the lab looking for supplies to start investigating.

Back at home, Chev felt brilliant. “Hey Redneval, have you ever found a planet before?” asked Chev. “You’ve already asked me that 3 times today and the answer has always been NO.” she said. “Ha, I knew it! I’m smarter than you,” he said. Redneval rolled her eyes and left the room. Then Rahas came in. “If that’s how people act when their smart when I grow up, I want to be dumb,” said Rahas.

After more research, the crew made another discovery. “Chev, look at this thing I found on the thing” Redneval exclaimed. “First of all, the ‘thing’ you’re talking about is called Planet Chev. What did you find on Planet Chev?” Chev replied. “Noone’s going to call it that, but I found that its sustainable of life.” Redneval snapped back. “That’s incredible Red! I think we should start gathering supplies so we could go and explore it.” Chev replied.

The crew started to gather information and equipment they would need on their journey to the new planet. They decided to keep Rahas home, since she was too little. They also decided they were going to stay on the planet for a while so they could do extensive research. Although it would take a long time to be able to study the planet up close, they’re discovery would change history forever.

To be continued…


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