Dear Ms McAuliffe: Swerve Advice Column Dec. 16

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My grandma is visiting and I have to sleep in my brother’s room, which is just fine. However, I can’t sleep! I go to bed early enough, but why can’t I fall asleep? Can you help me?

Hi! I totally understand your issue. One way I get myself to fall asleep is by calming my whole body down. You can relax your muscles and make sure that your mind is not thinking of anything too stressful. If this does not work, then read, but with the lights out. Doing this, always tires my eyes and I go to bed. Find a nice, long, and boring book. You will eventually get tired and want to sleep. Make sure it’s not too exciting because then you will want to read more. I hope this helped! 

How can I prevent myself from getting sore when I have remote classes?

Hi! You can prevent yourself from getting sore when doing online classes multiple ways. One of them is getting blue light glasses. I am not sure if you already have a pair or already have glasses, but my blue light glasses helped me so much! I started to get less headaches and migraines. Another way to help prevent yourself from getting sore is having good posture. Looking down at your device all day for school is not good for your back or neck. One way to fix this is by having good posture. You can do this by sitting up straight, or if it is hard to contain yourself from slouching, putting a pillow behind you. If your neck hurts from staring at a device all day, then you can get a few books and put it under your computer. This helps because then it is eye level and you do not have to look down. I hope this helped!


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