Homemade Gift Ideas: The Swerve

This article was written by Anna, Ashley, and Elina. Send your own article to publishme@theswerve187.com

The holiday season is coming! Do you not know what to give your loved-ones this Holiday season? Well, fret no more, because this gift-guide is filled with a generous amount of ideas. Enjoy our guide! 


Friends that enjoy music:

-Glass album covers-

  • Start by gathering all your supplies. 

You will need:

-Picture Frame



-White paint pen

-Paper that has a back that you can peel off (sticker paper)

  • Carefully take out the glass from the picture frame
  • Print out an image of the album cover (Print the album cover on sticker paper)
  • Print out something that looks like this: 

(You can find this on a mobile device on the Spotify app underneath a song that your playing)

  • Print out a Spotify code for a certain song from that album (the album in the album cover)

(The code should look something like this)

  • Take the two images that aren’t showing the album cover (you would take out the image that shows the title of the song and the Spotify code)
  • With a white paint pen, trace the two images that you took out
  • Once you finish tracing, take the album cover and stick it on the glass
  • Let it dry

*Note: Using the Spotify app on a mobile device, you can scan the code on the glass album cover and the song will pop up!*

*Note: If you didn’t understand this tutorial, you can use this: https://youtu.be/iOl8yaqgf0U (This doesn’t show the Spotify code, but you can still add it onto your product)

 Here is an example of a finished product: 

You can also get them….

  • Music streaming app gift cards (Apple Music, Spotify premium, Pandora, etc…)
  • Lyric poster of their favorite songs (Handwrite lyrics onto a large piece of paper to create a poster)
  • CD player

Crafty Friends:

-Bullet Journal Set-

  • Start by finding any box that you think will fit all of the supplies. And decorate it however you want!   
  • Next, find a journal that you feel will fit with your friend that you are giving to. It can be any color or material.        
  • Get supplies that your friend can customize their journal with., you can include:  

-Washi Tape

-Pens (you can get a variety of colors)



-Brush Pens

-Color pencils

-Any other extras, you would like to include

  • Package the supplies that you got anyway you like, you can wrap them in their individual packaging. You can use ribbons, glitter, etc 
  • Now, put everything in your box that you have decorated. You can put tissue paper, packing peanuts, or anything made for packaging. It’s your choice!   

You can also get them….

  • An origami ball 

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. There’s a large variety of types, however some types are much harder to make than others. Choose the one that you feel comfortable making and make it.


-Chill Pills-

  • Take an empty jar or bottle and fill it with different candies they love! Ideally we suggest some smaller candies, around the same size as pills, (Jellybeans, Skittles, m&m’s, or mike-ikes)


  • Then, write a short description of what it can do! Your description can be funny, or professional. Make it your own, customize it to the looks you like!  

You can also get them….

-A notebook/journal to gift to any writer friends. You can include a written note on a page or cover. You can also include a special pen or pencil that you decorated-

-You can make friendship bracelets too!-

Here is a great video that you can use to learn how to make one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaX4T0BxtJs

Athletic Friends:

-Customized Water Bottles- 

  • First, you have to find a durable water bottle to customize. We suggest something like a hydro flask, but if it isn’t within your budget, you can get other brands as well
  • Plan out your idea of what you are going to do. It can be anything you like! There are no limits. 
  • Start decorating the bottle! Make sure to keep the area you are working in clean. You can paint it, put glitter on it, put stickers on it. When putting stickers on make sure they will stay on. You can use tape or glue.
  • Lastly, put a coating of mod podge or anything you use to secure the paint (any supply you are using). Make sure the paint is dry before you coat it. 

Here are some examples of the finished products:

You can also get them….

-A towel for a friend who likes to swim. (If you want, you can embroider some 

designs onto it)

-A duffel bag, it helps them carry different items for different uses (you can 

also add designs to the bag to make the bag specialer)


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