Pokémon Column Vol 3: Good 2v2 Battle Combos

This is our Pokémon column written each issue by Sean C. Add your comments below or send your messages to publishme@theswerve187.com


Tyranitar and Excadrill

This is one of my favorite combos. Tyranitar should have the Sand Stream ability, and Excadrill should have the Sand Rush ability. With this, Excadrill’s speed gets doubled, making it extremely fast. Also, neither Tyranitar or Excadrill take damage from Sandstorm, while the opponent will. Tyranitar is tanky and powerful, while Excadrill has great HP and defense stats and a high attack stat. Even if Tyranitar might be slow, Excadrill is sure to get a hit in. This also helps with type coverage, so that is also another advantage. 

Shuckle and Dusclops

The reason this is such a good combo is because it works out no matter what. Shuckle has high defense and special defense stats, both reaching 230, and some mega pokemon have defense stats of 230! What makes Shuckle overpowered is that it can use Power Trick, which switches its attack stats and defense stats. Of course, you could always switch back. When Shuckle uses Power Trick, its attack becomes 230. Imagine that! It’s attack becomes the highest in the game. With EV training, it will rise to 294. You could also use Power Split, which is extremely useful because the opponent’s damage will become low. I don’t suggest using Shuckle as an offense, but Shuckle and Dusclops is sort of a random combo I made up. Of course, This combo is more of a wall combo, so don’t expect high damage.(Unless you’re using Power Trick)Sadly, its speed is 5, the slowest thing in the game. That’s where Dusclops comes in. Dusclops is also tanky with Eviolite, raising its defense and special defense to 195. Dusclops uses Trick Room, and then BAM! They both attack first!

Charizard Y and Venusaur

Charizard Y’s ability is Drought, which turns the sunlight harsh. With the harsh sunlight, Charizard’s fire attacks power is raised. Venusaur’s sleep powder can put threats to sleep, and also the harsh sunlight doubles Venusaur’s speed, raising the speed to 160. Solar Beam completes in 1 turn when this is used,covering Charizard’s water weakness. Also, Charizard is fast, which means it can eliminate water types with Solar Beam faster than they can attack. The harsh sunlight nerfs water attacks, and makes this pair pretty strong.

Next post, I will be talking about weird pokemon stats. See you!

5 Replies to “Pokémon Column Vol 3: Good 2v2 Battle Combos”

  1. Great, I have some things to say though. First of all, Shuckle and Dusklops have base 20 and 50 hp stats, so it messes with defense. I recommend infestation/toxic shuckle. Also, as of sw/sh megas are nonexistant so use eruption, drought Torcoal or even Ninetailes. But the tyranitar, excadrill combo is excellent.


    1. He’s probably playing on Pokemon Showdown Natdex format so that’s where the megas come from. Also another fun doubles pair would be Regigigas with Stakataka where Stakataka is primarily there to just skill swap Regigigas which would nullify Regigigas’s slow start ability and give it Beast Boost instead. It’s a fun combo and if you’re scared of ground types you can give Stakataka air balloon.


    2. Was using Natdex format, but yes, I do know that their HPs are very low. That’s taken care of, with 252 HP EVs depending on your gameplay. Toxic Shuckle is good, but I prefer something to completely stop sweepers, rather than cripple them. And yes, I do know that sw/sh tournaments can’t use megas


      1. Power Split completely stops sweepers, and even with the highest attack stats in the game, it will be extremely crippled with Power Split. What’s tricky about Power Split is that Shuckle isn’t for offense.


      2. Ok edit to first comment: I meant not to completely stop sweepers, but to cripple them more than the point of just losing HP.(I am very well aware of Belly Drum, Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, etc


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