Short Story: Good Morals Column

This short story is written by Danielle D. Send your own fiction stories to

It was a dark and stormy night. Emma stood in the cobbled archway, regretting her choice to come here instead of the library. Her sense of danger and trouble was screaming out loud, begging her to turn around and walk to a safe place, such as The Possessed Ghost Restaurant.  Suddenly, she heard a loud, breathtaking scream.

“AAUUGHHHHHHH, why do you have to be so annoying?” the voice screamed, causing her to try and hide behind a stone.

“Well simply because I don’t have the mind you do, a mind the size of a microscopic dot, filled with annoyance and anger!” the other voice replied, with just as much force as her companion.

At that moment, Emma was having a war, led by two pieces of her mind. Emma was a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, and discovered that she was both a hufflepuff, and a ravenclaw according to a quiz she made herself. 

Her Hufflepuff side was saying, gently, ”Look, I know that there is a big chance that you won’t get out of here alive if you try to talk to them, but you know that it would be the right thing to do to find peace between these two.”

While her ravenclaw side was screaming at the same range as the unknown people at the other end of the archway,”Are you an idiot! Do you want yourself to get killed?” as it was determined that there was a 85% chance that Emma would get herself killed.

At that moment, the two unknown strangers both froze, and both yelled out the words,”Who goes there!”

Emma froze in anticipation. She heard footsteps getting closer and closer to her location. When she determined that the strangers were 3 feet away from her hiding place, her gryffindor side entered her mind, shoving aside the hufflepuff side, the ravenclaw side, and common sense. 

She stood up, 2 feet next to the two unknown strangers and said in a pretend tough, growly voice,”I’m the tough guy around here. What do you want?”

If the Ravenclaw side had not been shoved aside, the side would have been slapping an arm against the head, attempting to hide from the scene.

The two strangers looked at each other, and then burst out laughing.

*Snorts* “You really thought,” *another round of snorts* “you really thought that we would believe that?” *Rolling on the ground while laughing*

“Now listen here kid, if you leave us alone, and not butt into our business, we’ll leave you alone.”

Emma cocked her head at them, saying, ”Is your business bad?”

The two strangers then stepped even closer to Emma, pulled out a bag, and put the bag around Emma, picked the bag with Emma inside of it up, and started walking again.

At this point Emma was thinking why the two strangers would have a bag with them on the go, and saying, ”I only wanted to know if your business was bad! Not any detailed information!”

The stranger that had called her companion an idiot growled softly to Emma, ”if anyone asks, tell them that it’s none of their business.”

Moral: Be careful near strangers, and lying leads you nowhere


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