Short story: Fiction by Leo

This story was written by Leo 

This is a fiction story that will have multiple parts.

Hi. I’m [insert japanese name here]. I’m joking, I’m american. But I do have Japanese heritage. My name is Eric Natsuki, which yes the name is japanese and yes, it sounds silly. But I don’t care. Anyways, I live alone in a dorm, where I wonder all the time what is my purpose. I wonder what I’m going to do next, and I like school because my teachers are pretty chill. But that all ended. 

One day, while I was making some stuff for school, I decided to buy groceries so I could have enough food for the following weeks. And then, a random truck (of course) ran out of me, and now I got ISEKAI’D. Sent to another universe! Can you believe it??

My first thought was why did it have to be a truck, and my 2nd thought was why did I get Isekai’d again? But there isn’t any answer to these questions because Isekais are ALL like that. Of course, after watching Re: Zero and Konosuba for my life, I expected it. Who knows what’s going to happen next? And then, I remembered, oh right, a magic girl and some guy who’s the side character. Sounds about right, isn’t it. Well, I mean, I also did watch Overlord so I have the chance of being an overpowered MC but that’d be a slim chance. 

Anyways, the first thing I see is I’m in a village. Of course, the ONE thing everybody ends up in. And then, the next thing I see is an alleyway where there’s a bench. I sit down and drink the beverage I bought before, which relieved me that it didn’t get taken away from my unearthly death. And then, I see some dude in chest plates and iron pants, with a REALLY cool sword. And then I remember Re: Zero, and I’m like, “Nice.”

Anyways, he takes a glance at me, and then comes to me. He asks, “Hey. Do you need anything? You seem new,” and then he shakes his head, “No, you probably ARE new, right?”

I responded, “Yeah.”

He then gave me something. It looked like a watch, and then I put it on. Then, he explained to me that everytime I press the button, his matching watch just displays something that tells him who needs help.

“Neat,” I responded.

“Yeah,” he responded, “Okay, I’ll be off! Before that though, there’s a shelter owned by a young lady, who’ll give you a place to stay. She’s pretty kind, but she’s also mysterious. Check her out!

Ah, this just feels like I’ll be meeting the main heroine. There’s nothing strange about all this. Well, I don’t know my BIZARRE ADVENTURES though and then I walked down the road, hoping to find it. I walked for an hour or so before I got lost. Then, I asked a young lady with white hair and a charm necklace, “Hey, you know a shelter-”

“Hi! Uh, you mean MY shelter? You can come right in!” And she puts on the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and closes her eyes. I then went witth her to the shelter and looked at the place.

“Neat. This is pretty cool.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you clarify?”

“Ah, these are slang. Don’t worry, you’ll learn soon enough,” and I smiled at her.

Now, this reminded me of Emilia from Re: Zero but also reminded me of Aqua from Konosuba for some reason. And also reminded me of Raphtalia because yeah. This was DEFINITELY going to be the main heroine, but I wondered if I was “the main character” at all. 

And then, I saw a hallway. I was like, uh oh, now I REALLY wonder if she’s the actual heroine at all and walked down the hallway. She then called out, “Be careful!” and let me downstairs. Now, I was suspicious of her for…. Some reason, and then I went downstairs. I saw a prison. Yes, a prison, full of young men, and in the end of the row, I saw somebody who had the exact same face as the white haired young lady except.. She looked younger. Then, I heard footsteps, and then the white haired young lady went behind me…… and I heard her grab a knife (I have good hearing) and try to stab me. I dodged. “You really had to aim the knife that bad, then?”

“Just shut up and Die!”

Then, one of the tricks I learned from a teacher, and I disarmed her by grabbing her arm and twisting it a little, so I could loosen her grip on the knife. Then, I saw her transform into a OH GOD disgusting monster. Heh, I guess surprises always come to an Isekai, doesn’t it?

Then, I grabbed the knife she dropped and slided, and used all that momentum to jump. I sliced her neck while trying, and I saw a lot of blood. I then said, “If you’re going to try to scare me, then try harder.”

“Okay, then. Don’t regret this!” And then she sent tentacles at me. I dodged most of them (because I had training) and I sliced some of them. Then, she choked me with them. I then remembered the button, and pressed it. Then, I heard something. “Good game.” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Just that your time is over.”

“Ugh, just die!”

And then I heard a blade. Of course, it was the same person I met with the armor and the sword. And then he said, “You called me?”

“Yeah,” I responded, “mind if you get her off me?”

“Sure thing, mate.”

“Then do it!”

Then, he swung his blade, and once I saw that, the monster was gone; I thought, wow, this man gonna be like Reinhard in FRONT OF ME. 

But then I took that all back because I’m just not the type who has all the powers.

I said, “Thanks. By the name, what’s your name?”

“Reinhardt Scarlet.”

He threw me in a flurry of thoughts, which was mainly just “How big of a coincidence can this be?” and then I said, “Alright. I’ll introduce myself now. I’m Eric Natsuki.”


Then, I walked to the White haired person down the hall. “Hey, are you the ACTUAL owner of the shelter?”


“What’s your name?”

She thought for a moment, then responded, “Arlina Scarlet.”

“Wait, you have a relationship with Reinhardt?”

“He’s my Step-Brother,” She said, “And-”

I turn around and see that reinhardt is gone, although he left a note, saying “Sorry for not coming. I thought you were safe.”

“He DOES care about you, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, but I had to get my own life. I’m not poor by any chance, but I-”

“We can save that for later. For now, we have to free every single one of these prisoners.” Then I saw Reinhardt’s sword. Then, I saw another sticky note, saying “Once you finish cutting all the bars, leave it where I put it before and it’ll vanish.”

I picked it up and swung at the bars. The bars shattered. Then, I did the same thing with every single prisoner, saying, “You can get out now.”

I turned around and said, “Are these all residents of the shelter? I know it looks nice on the outside, but-”

“Yeah,” she said. Then, her eyes widened, and said, “Behind you!”

Then, the same tentacles from the same monster went for me. The monster was back again.

    “So you’re back, huh,” I commented, “Could’ve made a cooler entry, y’know!”

    “Yeah, yeah,” the monster said. “You can start dying!” 

    Even though I know how to use a sword (becuz training) I’m not strong enough. Then I remembered that the sword would vanish if I put it at the spot, so I picked up my pen (I always have one in my pocket) and wrote “please help, getting attacked” on it. As soon as I ran, the monster went for me, but then I heard ice. I saw Arlina Scarlet freezing the monster’s tentacles.

    “You have ice magic?”

    “Yeah!” Arlina replied.

    Then, I put the spot where it was supposed to vanish, and it vanished.

    “I’m done!” I said to Arlina.

    She looked at me, wondering why I did that, but she trusted me.

    Then, her magic wore off and the tentacles reached me. I got launched across the room like a Ping Pong ball. My body felt extreme levels of pain, although I could still stand. I then said, “Well? I can keep up the waiting game!” She charged at me, using tentacles to squeeze me. I let out a yelp, and I was about to lose consciousness, I heard, “I’m here.” behind me.

    It was Reinhardt, who had a more serious look now. 


    “Hey,” Reinhardt said, “need help?”

    “I’d like some, please.”

    Arlina looked at Reinhardt and Reinhardt looked back. They then nodded. I thought, they can transfer messages with their minds? Man, that’s cool. 

    And then, Reinhardt stepped up to the monster, slammed his blade on the ground, and she was gone. This time, the entire basement collapsed, teleporting us up onto the surface.

    “Wow, it was an illusion all along,” I replied.

    “It was…” Reinhardt replied back, “I think defeating that monster made it disappear. It went to the mist of Monsters.”

    “Huh?” I asked.

    “The mist of monsters is where monsters are born. You can defeat a monster, but not kill them.”

    “That’s not that far from-” I stopped.

    Reinhardt looked at me.

    “It’s nothing. Just memories.” 

    Reinhardt stopped looking at me and walked to Arlina. He touched her face and said, “Sorry I didn’t help you.”

    Arlina responded, “It’s alright. You helped me in the end.”

    “Yeah, but I’m supposed to keep you safe. I didn’t. I failed.”

    “Well, everyone makes mistakes.   

    The prisoners were grunting.

    I asked, “Hey, quick question, are those residents of the-”

    Both of them answered, “yes.”

    I then stood up, and fell again. I was tired, and I felt like I was about to pass out. I was also covered in Injuries, and I needed great medical attention. 

    “I’m about to lose consciousness-” I said with great effort, “but can I borrow a room first, I’m not sleeping on the groun-”

    And then I lost consciousness. Not cool.

    Last thing I heard was Arlina catching me and Reinhardt saying, “Let’s get to work, shall we?” 

    The next morning, I woke up in a bed, and then I thought yesterday night was a dream. And then those trains of thoughts fell. I saw bandages, and my clothes were changed. So I thought, yesterday WASN’T a dream. 

    I then got up and then I changed back to my usual clothes. It was not dirty, which means that Arlina probably washed it. I felt sad, wanting to return to my own home, but since I was dead, I can’t do that.    

    I decide to take a bath before I leave the room. Then, I realized that the water was turning on, so that meant somebody IS IN THE SHOWER RIGHT NOW. I decided to not take a shower right now. I got out of the room I was placed in and then I thought out loud, “Which room even is this?”

    Then, inside the bathroom, I hear a noise. “My room,” said a female voice inside. It was Arlina’s voice. Then, I remembered that incident. Wait, if it was day that time, and Arlina is showering, then it must be night now.

    “Hey, is it night time right now?” I asked through the closed door.

“Yeah,” she responded.

“Are you almost done with showering?” I asked.

“What, you need to shower?” She replied.

“I’ll be out, just give me a second!”

“Alright.” I replied.

As the 5 minutes went on, I wondered how my parents were doing back over there. I also wondered if I needed to learn any languages in case there was a native language over here. Then, she opened the door and said, “You can shower now.” in a soft voice. 

“Thanks.” I said with a soft voice back.

I now went to shower in the bathroom. I shower quick, so I only took a few minutes to shower. I dressed myself. Arlina returned to the room, asking, “Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” 

    “S-Sure,” I responded, drowned by my own train of thought. 

    “I was wondering why you came to the shelter, and coincidentally found me,” She hastily said afterwards, “NotthatIdon’tappreciateityouknow!” 

    “You jammed so many words together.”

    “I did? Sorry, force of habit,” she said with a smile.

    I thought back to the time I met Reinhardt, and said, “Well, maybe the fact that Reinhardt found me and that I have relationships with my friends, which now that I live somewhere else, I felt like helping people. And I’m just not the type of person who sits back.”

    “That’s…. Quite an answer.” She said with a smile, “Thanks.”

    “No problem, but…”

    “What is it?”

    “I have questions of my own. For example, this doesn’t look like the shelter.” 

    “This isn’t the shelter, Natsuki.”

    “Then where IS this?” 

    “This is my mansion. Well, I was passed on this position from my step-brother because he cared about my safety, and so this happened.”   

    “Nice. Anyways, where do I sleep?”

    “I’ll set up a bed for you tomorrow.”

    “Thanks, again.” I replied.

    “No problem!” She said with a smile. 

    I quickly walked out of the room and before I went, Arlina told me, “Hey, there’s also my mentor and maids over here.”

    “You have maids?”

    “Yeah, I do, and they’re also outcasts demons, by the way!”

    “Demon maids? Are they friendly?”

    “Yeah, considering that I’m an elf, it isn’t surprising!”

    “You’re an elf… ugh, I’m not sure if I should be surprised anymore. Oh well, and your mentor?”

    “He’s mainly human, but he has some pretty interesting magic.”

    “Alright, I’ll be off for the night then!”

    “Wait, there’s also a libraria-” but I was gone from her sight before she finished that. 

    However, I heard her, and I thought, sweet, this be Re: Zero all over again. I found the library and decided to ask the Librarian something. I opened the door, and right there, I saw a short girl there. 

“Y’know, if you’re looking for me, at least knock on the door!” She said arrogantly.

“No response to that. Anyways, hello,” I said.

“Hello. Do you need anything?” She responded. “My name is Isabella.”

“Yeah. My name is Eric Natsuki,” I responded back, “And I need to ask you some questions.”

“Go for it.” She responded. 

“First of all, how did you know I was going to come?”

“Magic.” She responded. 

“I expected nothing less,” I sighed. “Anyways, can you tell me the residents of this mansion?

“Let’s see…” She tapped her head. “Arlina, Me, The Demon Sisters Renu and Ramu, and Reinhardt, which sometimes comes here…”

“I know him,” I said.

“And Lord K.”

“K is the first letter of his first name, right?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

“He’s a bit mysterious, isn’t he.” 

“Yeah. Oh look, he’s here.”

“Hello!” A cloaked person said, with a hood.

“Hi.” I said

“My name is Lord K.”

“My name is Eric Natsuki.”

“I see.”

“Yeah. I just became a Resident of this due to some trouble and the influence of Arlina’s stepbrother, Reinhardt.”

“That is fortunate you found Arlina. You will have good fortune due to this, although your troubles will influence you. You have also been implanted with power.”

“Okay, then.”

“Good fortune to you.” 

And he disappeared. I went out of the library and said, “Thanks.” To Isabella.

I closed the door and then I saw what guessed to be the Demon sisters. Both had long, red/blue hair. I guessed the blue hair was Renu and the red hair was Ramu. Both said, “Hello,” with a bow. 

“Hi, I guess? I’m guessing Arlina told you two about me,” I said.

Renu said, “Indeed,” 

Ramu continued, “We have heard all about you, Eric Natsuki.”

“You mean the first 5 minutes of me here?”

“It’s actually been 12 hours since you’ve been here,” Renu responded.

“It has?”

“Indeed,” Ramu responded back.

“Well, I’ll be heading off. It’s probably VERY late, but I’m staying up tonight due to that incident.”

“Farewell,” Both of them said.

I walked down the hallway and found the stairs. I went down the stairs, and went to the main hall. I sat there for a bit, and checked my phone. What happened surprised me. Apparently, I’ve been here for 12 hours, but the battery hasn’t drained once. So, somehow, my phone has an infinite battery. 

Lord K teleported behind me, but I didn’t hear him. He asked, “Hello?”

I looked back. “Hi,” I responded.

“May I ask why you are here in the dining hall?”

“I lost consciousness, so I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

“I see.”

“CAN you see under the hood though? Sorry, just wanted to poke some fun at you.”

He laughed deeply. “That’s alright. I’ll be letting you be alone for now.”

“Alright,” I responded. 

I heard somebody walking down..

I asked, “Who’s walking down the stairs?”

I then saw Arlina in a fashionable nightgown, paired with slippers.

“Natsuki, look at your injuries,” She said.

I looked at myself and saw a bit of bleeding. I asked, “How could you tell?”

“I put a life link on you,” She responded, “Basically, I can tell when your injuries are active, and I can cancel it whenever I want. Every Time YOU get hurt, I get hurt. Tonight, I felt a lot of pain, so I’m deciding to check on you, and you’re bleeding. I will bring you upstairs and treat your injuries.”

I walked upstairs with her and went to her room. She had medical stuff all over her table and a lot more. I asked, “Where’d you get all these objects?”

“I bought it just in case people like you were injured.”


“And it’s not just for you..”

“I get that, consider you have an entire shelter.”
    “Oh, most of the time, I just send the maids off to do my work but in times I have free time, I just go to the shelter.”


She dabbed a bit of Chamomile on my arm, where it was bleeding.

“Thanks,” I responded.

“Since I don’t have a bed for you yet, I’ll let you sleep on the floor.”

“Wait, what? I don’t want to sleep on the floor,” I quickly responded.

“Do you want me to take the Chamomile off of your arm?”

    “Well. You either sleep on the floor or sleep somewhere else!”

“Alright,” I said.

“By the way, the life link has some added side-effects, like telling what your thoughts are if you’re in a 1 meter radius of me.”

I blushed.

“See,” she said with a laugh, “There we go. Now get to sleep.”

She then said something, and my consciousness faded away, and the last thing I heard was, “That’s the 2nd and last side effect!”

I was drowned in thoughts. Apparently, I can still think while in sleep. I remembered that Arlina could read my thoughts because of the life link, and I wanted to wake up. 

Arlina slapped me awake.

“Hey,” I faintly said.

“Hi,” she said. “How was your night?”

“Good, although putting me to sleep with the chamomile was not fun.”

“Well, it was the only way you could sleep with those injuries. Anyways, I set up a room for you,” she responded, “So you don’t have to sleep on the floor again. Now. Tell me more about your history.”

“Well, I wasn’t from this world. I died in another world, and in doing so I’ve been transported into this world.”

Her eyes widened. “Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine from that, although….”

“You can’t go back, right?”

“I can’t. I wish to go back, but I also want to stay here. I’ve chosen to stay here until I make my final decision.”

“Oh, alright.” 

I stepped back a little so she couldn’t read my mind, but she pulled me back.

“I feel like I’ve been too harsh on you these days,” she said.

I grabbed her hands. “No, you aren’t.” 


“You aren’t harsh at all. You’re the opposite of that. For that, I thank you.”

She said with a smile “Thanks.”

I then looked at the door. I said, “Mind if I stay here a bit longer? You can say no.” 

“Of course!” she said. “I need to get out, though. I have stuff to do.”

“That’s okay…”

“You look like you want me to stay here.”

“Well, I do.”

“I can stay here with-”

“You need to do your own thing, right? It’s fine, I can stay here alone.”


“No, it’s fine.”

She then left the room, leaving me to wonder what I’d do next. For one, I’m still in pain, and for two, I’m pretty sure I could only move yesterday due to Lord K (figured it’d be that way), and my guess is that he’s somewhere else today.

Then, I saw Arlina come back. I asked, “How are you back so quick?”

“Renu and Ramu helped me,” she said, “How was that 10 minutes?”


“I just wanted to spend more time with you, and ask you a couple questions. Not in a romantic way of course!” she blushed.

“It’s fine.”

I looked her straight in the eyes, and then I blinked. I asked, “What questions do you need to ask me? I’ll answer them all.”

“Uh, for instance. What do you feel about missing your family?”

“Well, I am self independent, so I didn’t feel much. I miss my friends though.” 

“That’s touching.”

I stood up and looked at the window, and Arlina did the same thing. “Maybe you’ll return to your friends one day,” she said. 

“I hope so, but I want to fulfill my duties here… if I even have any… and I want to spend time in this world to see it completely.”

“Hey, another question… Is it fine if I tell you about the World Tree?”


“The world tree is the highest tree of this world, where you can see anything if you reach it…”

“And you want to go up there? And you expect me to take you there?”

“Not like you have-”

I sighed, “I’m joking, I’ll take up on the offer.”

She blushed, but then she went to look back on the window.

“The view looks nice, doesn’t it.”

“Yeah.” I said.

“By the way, I miscalculated your bed’s arrival… so you’ll sleep on the floor in this room again.”

I looked at her, and said, “If this is going to be a romantic comedy, at least act like it.”

She looked at me.

“Sorry.” I commented.

Then, I saw something in the corner of my eyes. It was Reinhardt.

“Hey, your step-brother is visiting,”

“Ah, he asked me yesterday if he could visit often.”

“And you took up on that offer? Either way, how did you even contact him?”

“Telepathic connections.”


“I’m joking, he just wrote me a letter.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Well, I’ll answer the door and talk to my brother.” she said, “I’ll send in the maids to talk to you…”


3 minutes later, both maids were here. Both in a different hairstyle than yesterday.

“Hey, why’d you change your hairstyles?”

“Can we not?” Ramu asked. 

Renu continued in a softer voice, “We have our own choices.”

“Nevermind about that….”

“Anyways, we’ll be accompanying you and asking a few questions.”

“Alright,” I said. 

“F-first question..” The softer Renu said, “How is your day?”


“2nd question,” The more pushy and who I guessed to be the older sister, Ramu said, “Are you interested in having a job here?”

“Not really, but I want to cook….”
    “You can cook?” Both asked.


I got a flashback to the last time I cooked my lunch (my favorite meal, curry with rice) and then I jumped to the present. 

“Well, I’ll ask Arlina for permission for you to cook,” Renu said.

“We have no more questions,” Ramu said.

“Hey,” I said.

“Yeah?” both asked.

“Before you guys head off, I have a question. Do you have a 3rd sister?”

Both of them looked at each other, and Ramu said, “If I told you yes, what would your reaction be?”

“Not surprised.”

“Then yes, we do have a 3rd sister. She’s much younger than us.”

Then, I heard footsteps. 

Arlina and Reinhardt stepped in the room.

I said, “Hi.”

“Hi, Natsuki.” Reinhardt said.

Renu begun to talk, “Hey arlina,”

“Yeah?” Arlina responded.

“Natsuki says he wanted to cook.”

“Well, he has permission to cook now…” Arlina responded, and then she said, “Hey, let’s have a cooking contest! Natsuki with Reinhardt and Renu and Ramu!”

My eyes widened.

To be continued…

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