K-Pop Phone Case Designs!

This column is written by Ashley, Anna, Elina. Show us your own K-Pop Phone Case by emailing publishme@theswerve187.com

*Disclaimer* -Images used in this article are not ours- 

K-pop fans know about the concept of putting photocards or decorating the back of their phones with k-pop related things. If you are new to this, here are some creative ways to decorate the back of your phone with them. You can go with different themes or aesthetics, which can depend on the color of your phone!            



Most importantly, you need the photocard or just an image! You can use any image you want that works with your phone size. Photo Cards usually come with albums, but you can buy or make them too. In addition to needing photocards, You will also need a clear case in order for your image or photocard to be visible. We would suggest the completely clear ones, but others work too,  depending on what look you’re going for. You might also want to also gather some stickers and washi tape, if you want to add that to your phone case.  

Use stickers to decorate! 

When you use stickers, it makes your case look more fun and interesting! You can put a few, or put a lot on.

Washi Tape!

Use washi tape to tie your design together! 

You can use one pattern or multiple. Lots of people use gridded washi tape, however you do not have to. 


You can also add splatters of paint on your design, or use paint markers to write on it. However, do not paint directly onto your case, unless you want to have that on your case permanently. You can splatter paint on a piece of paper and put your design onto that piece of paper, then, put it in your case. Make sure to cut out a piece of paper that fits your phone shape.

You can use any other supplies you want as well, you don’t have to only use the ones we mentioned! And if you don’t have washi tape, stickers or paint, you can use lots of other supplies. If you want, you can use multiple images instead of all the decorative tools to keep it more simple. Some people use tickets to concerts, or tours to decor too! 


Here are a few more examples of some phone cases that one of us designed! ~

 Enjoy making and decorating your new k-pop phone case! 


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